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Pomado Granados on voice by Frida Kahlo; and it is not the only one


Frida Kahlo to New York, 1932.

Frida Kahlo to New York, 1932.

Photo property of: Carl Van Vechten. Collection "Reviving the Past" / INAH.

The director of the # 39; National FonotecaThat a couple of days ago he presented the world with the supposed voice of Frida Kahlo, admitted in an interview with Radio UNAM, that his first feeling when listening to the audio was disappointment.

This, after the controversy of the possible finding of one sound record of the most renowned Mexican artist worldwide, who had until now believed to have left a heritage of works except recordings of his voice ring.

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Photo: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in New York / Prey of Carl Van Vechten, 1932, Collection "Reviving the Past" – INAH.

A ringer of love and hatred at the same time

this tone sweet and melodious with which & # 39; Friducha & # 39; I would speak to her husband during a recording made by herself in 1949 to celebrate the 50th birthday of Diego Rivera, which castigated both the specialists of the radio, As his own family and followers of the painter in general.

However, for Pável Granados, in this case the disappointment comes from ours memory and not likely reality. For example, there are many stereotypes about Frida, that he was "masculine", that if he had a mustache, then he had a much stronger voice.

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Posted by Kevin Aragon on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Her family has doubts about her true voice

Mara de Camina, The direct heir of Kahlo, expressed his opinion about why this would not be his voice, and is that he thinks, the different generations have reported that the bell of Frida It was rather snoring due to the amount of cigars that smoked

For its part, the driver Javier Poza It has positioned against that the whole world as a fact the tape, since for him, it is a question of professional speaker who is reading the text and is based on the cadence with which he speaks. But Granados claims that the only description of Frida's voice comes from the French photographer Gisele Freund, who described her as:

Poza then insists on showing that Pável is wrong and is looking for a copy of program that allows him to give with the original author: "I am excited to know myself in the truth and fortunately I know professional people that will help to reach the truth," he said.

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Posted by Pável Granados on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Javier Poza, the fool in search of truth

For now, Pável Granados is in talks with the director of the Frida Kahlo Museum (the blue house), Hilda Trujillo, to cover original sources and contrast research to undergo an intense scrutiny, although the first one is sure not to be recorded in a radio booth, but with a portable device.

Guadalupe Rivera Marín, daughter of Diego Rivera, however, recognizes the voice as that of Kahlo, while Esteve Volkov, grandson of León Trosky, has its limits in this respect, informs the country about the biggest riddle of the news.

Photo: Frida Kahlo during the inauguration of a Pulquería in the City of Mexico / Prey Collection Casasola Archive – National Photographic Library

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