Wednesday , May 18 2022

President Maduro proposes that humanized birth be a socialist mission – Correo del Orinoco


President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, proposed on Tuesday that the national program of Humanized Birth should become the Socialist Mission.

"A humanized birth must be at the heart of everything, it must be transformed into a socialist mission," said the National President in his daily work at the Plaza Bicentenario of the Miraflores Palace.

He reiterated that the humanized birth "must be at the heart of the People's Plan 2019-2025".

Regarding community promoters who support the Humanized Delivery program, she said the number should increase to 30,000 promoters, for which it approved the addition of "20,000 new promoters for humanized delivery".

However, he added that within the next six months the premises for this activity should be multiplied, with 124 places currently available, at 1,000 places, so that Venezuelan women can be prepared for humanitarian delivery in the national territory.

He hinted that promoters must be incorporated into the Patria system to pay their "scholarships right away, that they lack their payoff" and asked the executive vice-president Delci Rodriguez who, together with Minister Aristobul Isturizing and Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Caril Bertho, are in charge to create a "special promoter protection plan".

The national leader stressed that politics such as the Humanized Birth, as well as other social policies of the Bolivarian government, are not "a public welfare policy, not populism, but a revolutionary policy, that is, the transformation of society into its values." It is the secret of Bolivarian revolutions, that every mission changes life, creating new values ​​".

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