Wednesday , May 18 2022

Radwanska announces professional tennis retirement


VARSAV | PL.- Polish Agnieszka Radwanska he announced on Wednesday, through a statement, the official retirement of professional tennis due to physical problems.

Radwanska, 29 years old and the second in the world, said that this is one of the most important decisions in his life after competing in tennis for 13 seasons.

Winner of 20 titles Women's Tennis Association (VTA) He claimed that, unfortunately, he could not train or play how it was used, because his body no longer fulfills his expectations.

Taking into account my health and the heavy burden of professional tennis, I must admit that I can not push my body to the required limits, condemning the tennis player born in Krakow.

The player was the first Polish who moved to the Grand Slam finals six years ago on Wimbledon and won the VTA finals, and for six years he was repeatedly selected as a fan favorite.

In addition to twenty titles in his career, La Profesor, as he is known for his tactical qualities, arrived twice in the Grand Slam semifinal of Australia and once in the quarter-finals in France.

The tennis player thanked the family and the support team that she won during her career as a professional player and specified that she would hang her racket and say goodbye for a professional tour, but she does not leave that sport, which she considers special in her life.

But now is the time for new challenges, new ideas, exciting as those on tennis, Radwanska said.

VTA president Steve Simon said that Agnieska is a quality that makes a real champion, a world-class track with incredible athletic demonstrations, and a path with her beauty, professionalism and support for her convoys. , says the official website of the Association.

She added that the tennis player is leaving the legacy of the game around the world and that she will be missed on behalf of the VTA.

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