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Real Madrid: The reasons why Benzema has unleashed


A Benzema He is smiling smile and this is a positive tangle for Real Madrid. Frenchman has left this apathy this season that led him to maintain a cold relationship with the Santiago Bernabéu. But this Benzema it seems another. In Cornellà-El Prat, he confirmed that he has unleashed it who wants to act as a leader. With his usual game of Targets, involvement and cash at the time of capturing it in goals. After all, the complete pack.

Without Cristiano, more prominence

Bale was going to fill the huge gap left by Cristiano and in the end what he had taken this role was Benzema. Already when they were together, the gal was the best partner of 07:00. Without this real or self-imposed need to have the great star, it seems more comfortable in the front of the attack. He first enjoyed the approval of Lopetegui (he was one of those who recommended his signing ten years ago) and Solari has delivered the keys from the beginning. "It's always a very complete game and goals are now also coming", analyzed yesterday in Argentina. A data: last year, Benzema now had just five goals. Now it's ten more and it's the goal of Madrid.

A new society with "Vini & # 39;

The Vinicius style is like a finger ring. Football player always looking forward to one against one, which increasingly cost Cristiano, the Brazilian generates defensive baits that Benzema can read. "It's very easy to play with him," says Vinicius. Benzema quickly realized that the young signing would be an interesting ally. The preseason began at the same time and quickly the French took to Wines under his wing. Benzema also benefited from the contribution of Lucas Vázquez. Gallego helps to make more effective the efforts in the pressure that Bale (that usually goes more for free) and also is given to the cause. "Karim is the best new in the world," Lucas said after 2-4. A trident that works. He worked against Sevilla, he settled in front of Girona in the Cup and was useful at Cornellà-El Prat.

Benzema celebrates his goal in Girona with Vinicius.

Maturity with 9

He said it at the beginning of the season ("I have to step on the area") and is doing it. Against Espanyol, he shot four times, the same as the rest of the strikers together (Lucas Vázquez dos and Vinicius and Bale ended each one). Four days before, in the Copa del Rey against Girona, He battled seven times, at the same time more than this season. It encourages you to watch goal. It almost seems that he forced to renounce his philosophy so often announced, not to give importance to goals. "I am a 9 with a soul of ten," he remembered yesterday in the mixed area of ​​Cornellà-El Prat. But it's already branded. theirs 15 goals this season are only two away from Cristiano's 17 to Juventus.

Implicated to the maximum

"The inspiration was always here, though I have never seen Karim this defensive involvement", Deia Álvaro Benito in Carrusel Deportivo during the relaying of Espanyol-Real Madrid. The feeling he transmits is that he believes in his leading role. Not only in the pressure, It is also noted in the past. He wants to intervene more. It has risen six times its average number of good passes last year (from 22 per game to 28 now) but has uncovered the pot of the essences, which would be the classic ones, in these last two games. He no longer expects the ball to come, he will look for it. Against Girona in the Cup, 43 good passes (almost double their average) and passed in this section … Modric (36). In front of Spanish, it was the home-orchestra. He gave 54 passes, his record since he came to the League in 2009.

It is physically at the limit

Benzema is not news high and low on the scale. Last season, he was already in tune (he lost five kilos) and in that to look abdominals from the holidays. He did not get lost in physical preparation and is noticing in the absence of injuries (Not a muscular illness this season) And in a freshness on the field that he missed in other seasons. Of the last ten games of Liga of Madrid, eight played them full. Also the Cup final against Girona. Just broken. In the improvement brought by Antonio Pintus to the physical fitness of the squad, Benzema is one of the best exponents.

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