Saturday , September 24 2022

Relatives of adviser Fernando Albana have called for an international investigation into his death


Caracas.– Parents of the opposition council were killed a month ago, Fernando Alban on Thursday urged international organizations to investigate the case, in response to allegations that it was not "suicide" as claimed by the authorities.

Fernando Alban "died in custody of the state (…), and his alleged" suicide "was confirmed in unexplained circumstances, all of which fit into specific scenarios of potentially illegal death," the statement signed by his widow, Meudi Ja I am wearing

The family has requested multilateral organizations such as the United Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS) to "intervene and help" to conduct an "independent investigation", the AFP reported.

The General State Prosecutor of the Republic of Tarek, William Saab, said that Alban threw himself into the window in the hallway on the 10th floor of the intelligence service building (Sebin) after he asked to go to the bathroom. The official, earlier, said he'd thrown out of the bathroom window.

"Why did the prosecutor describe his death, early and unlawful, as" suicide "? (…) Why is it later contradictory?" A family denied the reception of the autopsy, contradicting Saab.

Opposition leaders claim that Albanians were thrown alive by agents to erase evidence of torture during the hearing.

Secretary General of OAS, Luis Almagro, the critic of President Nicolas Maduro, whom he calls "the dictator", regards the case as "a crime against humanity".

The Albanian death came three days after he was arrested, accused of collaborating with attempted assassinations, following an explosion of two dron near a platform at which Maduro spoke during a military parade in Caracas. August 4th

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