Monday , May 16 2022

Rotary Cachamay and Alleuja Her Load performed the first day of breast ultrasound


60% of the women cared for had not been given the corresponding review before.

courtesy | They will hold a second day to care for the remaining patients

About 28 women were cared for during the first day of breast ultrasound, at the Church of the Risen Jesus Christ, thanks to the activity coordinated by Rotary Cachamay with the support of Relieve Your Burden.

Dr. Donnerys Rivas, an oncologist, and Dr. David Parejo, an ultrasound imaging physician, cared for the females, who during a first consultation were referred for breast ultrasound for various suspicions.

“On October 1, we carried out the first investigation (…) and 370 women were treated by specialist doctors and residents of Guaiparo Hospital. Of these patients, 47 women were referred for breast ultrasound, ”said Julián Yegres, Rotary Cachamay coordinator.

He commented that some also needed a mammogram and from the organization will continue to accompany those who require support.

“We are very grateful, proud and happy because we have been able to provide free care to people who have not had such care,” said Yegres.

In turn, he pointed out that 60% of the attendees had not previously had a mammogram or a breast self-examination, so it is found that there is a great lack of information on prevention.

Therefore, he assured that before the end of the pink month there will be a second day to attend to a remaining group.

Specialist care

On the other hand, Yegres pointed out that the Center for Comprehensive Care for Patients with Diabetes is operating in the facilities of the Risen Jesus Christ Parish.

At the same time, Rotary Cachamay, with its foundation, offers the general public free consultations in the specialties of psychology, diabetes, nephrology, endocrinology and gynecology.

In addition to other specialties that are about to be incorporated.

Yegres thanked the receptivity received during the conference, as well as the support provided by the parish of the Risen Jesus Christ and the collaborators of the different conferences: the engineer Annaliese Mujica, Dr. Lourdes Ortiz and Sandra Martínez.

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