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Solomon has reinstated the attack of the Vinotinto

He left his best numbers in the Premier and will be the main weapon in the national attack

GERARDO BLANC | CARACAS.- The performance of Solomon Rondón with the Newcastle in the newly finalized season of the Premier League a England nourish the illusions of Venezuela to count finally on a frightful striker, which means that he will take maximum advantage of the occasions of goal in the next Copa America and the eliminatory ones at Qatar World Cup.

Rondón turned his most outstanding performance in four seasons in England, since he debuted in 2015 with him West Bromwich that after lowering in 2018 it yielded in loan to the one of Caracas to be united to Newcastle.

Under the direction of Rafa Benitez, One of the most quoted technicians in Spain, Rondón improved their attacks on the attack. He culminated with 11 goals in the Premier, added one more in the League Cup, And contributed 7 assists, maximum figures for the Venezuelan in this competition.

In comparison with the previous season, Rondón improved its performance in several lines. He increased goals by game from 0.19 to 0.34, he went from scoring a bit with his right foot to converting 5th this crop, he repeated four goals with his left booty, and his debt remains the game by the way A spiky and corpulent front with a height of 1.86 meters would expect more damage in the centers in the area, but Rondón is still not effective at the top. He passed a two goal goal this year.

The Gladiator, on the other hand, became a more complete player with the ball in his foot. Benítez's scheme allowed him to move around the bands, receive space and download to associate with his fellow attackers. He spent three assists in giving seven goal passes, so that in total he contributed 40% of the 45 goals that Newcastle scored in the recently completed campaign.

Here, for the Copa América de Brasil, Rondón is the main offensive base of the Vinotinto. His long drought without scoring with the Vinotinto culminated in September 2018 with both goals in the 0-2 victory against Panama, and again shook the nets in the resounding triumph 1-3 against Argentina de Messi in Madrid last March.

It will be the fourth Copa América by Rondón, who has won three goals in this competition. He scored in the 3-3 against Paraguay in Argentina 2011, made his triumph 1-0 against Colombia in Chile 2015, and scored in defeat 3-1 against Chile in the Centennial Cup in the United States 2016. To transcend Brazil, the Vinotinto will depend on the strength of its Gladiator.

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