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Suffocated! This was how Kim Kardashian was wearing the dress that almost split it into two


We all know them & # 39; Looks & # 39; which is always branded Kim Kardashian, and at the Met Gala in 2019, the celebrity has not been able to choose a dress that will leave her in the background, that never! And it is that she herself has defined this gala as the most painful of all his life, And simply because the "##" outfit & # 39; Chosen it, it tightened both the ribs that I could barely breathe.

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A style that made him ask his followers if he had except ribs to boast of a figure that did not seem natural and that it was the fruit of a corset that made Kanye West's wife feel very much.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the last edition of the Met gala

Let's see, Kim, to presume NOT to suffer.

this dress of «Thierry Mugler » combined with a corset «Mister Pearl », They were guilty of the simple movement of to sit down impossible to him, And not only that, but to be able to breathe they were instructed to do some breathing exercises because I did not fall round to the ground of a faint.

"Never had I felt a pain so in my life. I will have to show pictures of the consequences when I removed the shadows on my back and my stomach, "he confessed

The networks burn, and they ask Kim If they had removed their floating ribs to be able to get in this dress. "I do not even know if this is possible!" Replied the Kardashian. Although as his personal trainer already said, Melissa Alcantara, Kim works hard on his body, (since he is the only thing he does), and everything is natural.

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