Friday , May 20 2022

The 5th Avenue in New York is no longer the most expensive in the world


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Know Fifth Avenue from New York, in which there are iconic buildings and luxury shops, the second in line for the most expensive retail space in the world, specifically, the corridor between the forty-nine and sixty-year streets.

The famous New York Street, where it also locates the private residence of the current US President Donald Trump, has been displaced this year since his reign Causevai Bai, in Hong Kong, which requires two thousand 671 dollars per square foot, according to the report, The main streets around the world kue is publishing a list of real estate Real Deal.

Third place occupies the street Nev Bond, in town London, in the United Kingdom, with a retail price of 744 per square meter, followed by France, Italy and Japan.

The report also said that the third quarter of this year reflected the decline in the construction of multi-purpose housing in Manhattan, where four thousand 490 units were completed, down from 750 compared to the same period last year.

About half of these houses were built in Lower Manhattan.

However, where there was no reduction, the cost of rent, with an increase of about 3.2 percent, for a a monthly average in Manhattan of $ 635 a month.

But this figure is even higher in other areas of this district, such as the southern Midtown, which had a 4.5 percent increase in that period, four thousand 178 dollars a month.


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