Monday , April 12 2021

The position of Academy of Medicine for detection of Brazilian variant

National Academy of Medicine
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The National Academy of Medicine issued a statement on Thursday regarding the announcement by Nicolás Maduro regarding the detection of cases of the Brazilian variant of covid-19 in Venezuela.

Experts indicated in the document that according to scientific evidence, the Brazilian variant of SARS-CoV-2 virus is apparently more transmissible.

This, together with the fact that judging by the experience of Brazil itself, the new variant, which was detected in Manaus, has the ability to infect people who had already recovered from a previous infection by coronavirus.

Therefore, the Academy of Medicine urged to take efficient measures to cut the transmission.

“The most effective way to limit the spread of this new viral variant, and to protect the population, is to redouble efforts to cut the chain of virus transmission. Prevention measures based on the use of masks need to be maintained and strengthened. physical distancing and personal hygiene with an emphasis on hand washing, ”he indicated.


The academy referred to vaccination, which, he indicated, should be considered as urgent.

“Faced with this situation, it is also imperative to take on the mass vaccination campaign against covid-19 with a sense of urgency and conscientious planning,” he stressed.

In the paper, doctors mentioned fears that have been raised around the world about the possibility that the new variant will be resistant to the vaccines that have been developed so far.

In this regard, the Academy of Medicine clarified that apparently vaccines are effective at least to prevent serious disease with this variant.

“According to the evidence available so far, current vaccines apparently continue to confer some degree of protection against serious disease, even against that produced by this identified variant. It is therefore urgent that vaccines be made available in the most equitable for the population, “he stressed.


“The experience of Chile, where 80% of the adult population will be vaccinated in the first half of the year, about 15 million people, is an example to follow,” says the Academy.

And he took the opportunity to insist on the rigor that should guide the procedures for evaluation and decision-making based on scientific evidence.

“This is true both for the selection of vaccines that will be offered to the public, as well as for expanding and supporting genetic virus monitoring systems, which will be needed to continue confronting this pandemic. This will require a coordinated effort of all sectors in our country, “he said.

And he recalled that the National Academy of Medicine as well as the Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences offer their experience and knowledge to collaborate in the strategies needed to control this epidemic in the country.

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