Sunday , March 7 2021

They discover a digital stamp of Leonardo da Vinci in a drawing of 1509

OAn expert in conservation of artworks discovered the lighter Leonardo da Vinci fingerprint found so far, impregnated on a drawing that the artist made between 1509 and 1510, has reported on Monday the The Art Newspaper portal.

The brand is on the left bank of the cardiovascular system and the main organs of a woman, a medical subject that is currently part of the collection of the British Royal Collection Trust.

Alan Donnithorne, former employee of the aforementioned institution, determined that the digital fingerprint on the surface of the paper is made exactly with the same ink in which the drawing is made, of tone between reddish and brown.

Therefore, the specialist assumes that the brand was accidentally dropped by Da Vinci himself, who "held the sheet with ink-stained fingers".

The location of the mark on the left side, accompanied by another mark corresponding to an index finger on the reverse side, is determined by the fact that Da Vinci was left-handed.

For all this, Donnithorne describes the stain on this artistic work as "the most convincing candidate for a fingerprint of Leonardo" in relation to other digital brands present in several works by the author of the Gioconda.

"There are partial stains and impressions in Leonardo's other drawings," but "this is the longest, clearest and most definitive fingerprint" of the famous artist, said Martin Clayton, current curator of the collection that includes the work. And he concluded that, thanks to this discovery, "you can really feel in the man working on his work, with his fingers tinted in ink."

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