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They perform a successful day of clinical screening for breast cancer


As part of the #AgendaRosa and the month of breast cancer awareness, hundreds of women participated in the free activity.

PRIMICE newspaper | 800 women from the municipality of Caroní registered for the activity

More than 500 women over the age of 35 showed up this Monday at a free mega day of clinical breast cancer screening in Puerto Ordaz.

The activity organized by the “Relieve Your Load” Foundation, Diari FIRST and the Rotary Club Cachamay, was held in the spaces of the Hotel Plaza Merú on the occasion of the month of pink or month of awareness about breast cancer, so declared by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In the day that complied with the biosecurity measures, 40 doctors from different specialties participated voluntarily in order to support the investigation of cancer and especially continue to raise awareness in the detection, prevention and education on this pathology that is considered the leading cause of cancer death in women.

Alicia Villegas and Donnerys Rivas, director and deputy director of the “Relieve Your Burden” Foundation, respectively, explained that they are concerned about the number of women diagnosed with the disease who attend their consultations every day. Although the statistics are small, the figures are alarming in terms of the number of people who, due to ignorance or high costs, do not carry out periodic checks.

“It is important to be aware and understand that mammography is the most effective method for early and effective detection of breast cancer, because it diagnoses lesions that are microscopic. It is essential to attack the disease in time, there are patients who should not receive chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, because the injuries are very small, ”Rivas said.

Although Guyana City does not have a public institution that provides support in the fight against cancer, the “Relieve Your Burden” Foundation has carried out various sports activities to raise funds and offer help. So far they have managed to pay for 80 mammograms, which are given to selected patients on screening days.

Maintain joy

For her part, Dr. Herminia Pujol, a specialist doctor and member of the Rotary Club Cachamay, recalled that etymologically the word health that unites these women in the prevention crusade, comes from Sanskrit: Sa = know how to live and Lud = joy .

“When people lose their joy they get sick because they lower their immune system,” he said.

He added that prevention strategies are aimed at reducing the risk to some extent and that early detection in order to improve the prognosis and survival of cases remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control.

“That’s why October is dressed in pink all over the world, to increase the multiplier effect of the messages to deal with the disease.”

Faith in the midst of sickness

Clarelis Palma, who learned about the screening activity through the social networks of @diarioprimicia, decided to attend after presenting suspicious signs of the disease. “I have a pelotica in my breast. The doctor treated me very well and talked to me about the recommendations I should take.”

Oncology patient Yelica Navarrès, 14, after attending her first radiotherapy session this Monday morning, accompanied her mother to be cared for on the day, due to her family’s history of cancer. “First God, he is the one who is going to get them out of this, you have to have faith, because it is the only salvation, besides family support.”

Connect with self-love

Irma Vecchionacce, psychologist, coach and columnist for this media, took the opportunity to bring a message of reflection and connection to the nurturing group of women.

“It’s about understanding that we are responsible for taking care of this body as a temple and that many times in this social role that is assigned to us in culture, once we are mothers, wives, etc., we set aside and we disconnect from the body, ”he expressed.

“The idea is for women to be aware of their body and to know that every day they can connect with the (…) on the day I invited them to apologize to every part of their body for this carelessness already reconcile from the gratitude of having him and being healthy, ”detailed the psychologist and coach.

The protagonists are women

Rotary Cachamay President Alberto Pacheco was pleased with the call for the initiative. He said that “since October 3 we are doing such activities, allied with Dr. Alícia Villegas who directs the Alleuja Foundation his burden.”

He thanked the more than 40 specialists who left their offices to attend voluntarily and support the prevention of this disease.

It is worth remembering that a similar day was held at the beginning of October in the Church of the Risen Jesus, located in the sector of Guaiparo in Sant Feliu.

grateful hearts

Megnys Zambrano: “This is the first time I have had this medical check-up, I am 43 years old and have two children, and today my experience was very satisfying, the treatment very pleasant, standing applause for everyone, thanks to the Alleuja Foundation load, FIRST, and Rotary Cachamay, to give me this experience that makes me leave here satisfied and happy.

Eufemia Alcalá: “Very good experience, thank God I am very satisfied with the attention received, since two years ago I did not do this type of review and thank God everything went very well.”

Roxana Larez: “Spectacular start to the week, taking care of your health, everyone here has been very affectionate, kind doctors, I liked the activity.”

Melixa Rodríguez: “Everything has been spectacular, when there is love and a vocation for service, this is the result, thank you FIRST”.

And it is that when it comes to providing health care, solidarity is felt in many ways; example of this is the one given by Jhonatan Barbetta of Max Events who did not hesitate to help in the activity that deserved a special logistics, in times of pandemic.

expectations met

The breast cancer screening day was held quickly from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

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