Tuesday , September 27 2022

They urge extreme measures to reduce respiratory diseases


respiratory diseases
In the face of the current drop in temperatures, respiratory diseases are common, along with a loss of defenses. Photo: NTX.

Cramps, January 18 (Notimex) .- In view of the current decline of temperatures in the entity and neighboring zones, respiratory diseases are common, along with a loss of defenses, as well as viral illnesses, due to that extreme precautions are essential in the face of possible complications.

This was explained by Dr. Gabriela Lomas López, an internist doctor assigned to the Didactic Medical Unit (UMD) of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (UAA), which indicated that one of the most common suffering is influenza, so that the institution carries out a permanent vaccination campaign to prevent this type of virus.

In a statement, the UAA stated that the campaign is carried out between the university community, as well as children under six and people over 60, who can also apply if they are the right of the # 39 ; IMSS.

He also warned that the frequency of myocardial infarction increases up to 20 percent this season, so that patients with high blood pressure and high cholesterol are the most likely to present this type of cardiovascular disease.

He noted that arteries tend to close, a condition known as vasoconstriction. In addition to this, he explained that another common illness is pneumococcal infection, a bacterium that attacks children, adults, adults, diabetics and obese, to a greater extent, here is the importance of having the vaccines necessary for a better protection

On the other hand, Dr. Lomas López stated that another relevant topic that must be considered in society is self-medication in front of these and other sufferings, since today, this practice has derived In a problem of resistance of the bacteria.

The specialist in internal medicine recalled that the UAA encourages habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to constantly focus on the specialist, as well as preventive measures, how to wash your hands constantly, consume high foods in vitamins and antioxidants, have a balanced diet, in the event of coughing or sneezing cover with the inner part of the elbow or the forearm.

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