Tuesday , July 5 2022

Tips for improving circulation in diabetics


It is customary that in some circumstances we have the feeling that "Sleep"Feet or arms. In severe cases, it can reach the island and even cramps.

If this is repeated, then it is safer to have problems with circulation, most often because of lack of physical activity, fat accumulation and / or insufficient nutrition.

In this case, we are talking about diabetes and it's almost impossible for a person suffering from diabetes to have circulatory problems. But why are they especially prone to the development of a circulation problem?

Dr. Enrikue Lopez-Villa, a member of the doctrine of the platform, explained that due to the high blood glucose level, there may be changes in the blood vessels. Or, if there is no exercise right, we can accumulate an excessive amount of fat that would blow up arteries that carry blood.

Drink plenty of water, this revitalizes and helps to improve circulation because it prevents the blood from becoming viscous.

Weight loss helps in level control sugar.

Avoid purified sugars that prevent changes to blood vessels.

A diet with fats and carbohydrates and goes to a nutritionist to help make a food plan based on tastes and needs.

Foods, such as garlic, ginger and fish, help because all this helps in the spread of blood vessels, which prevents cramping.

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