Monday , September 26 2022

Updating 19H1 of Windows 10 may be a problem for Microsoft


As you will remember, initially even got to delete personal data Some users, among others errors that with the passage of the days they went away knowing, reason why to company it decided to retire it temporarily, during more of a month. However, this is something that has already been largely overcome, since for some time there has been no problem with the version 1809 of Windows 10, At least serious.

However, despite all this, the users They continue to be distrustful, as we have already known a few days ago, so most of them are still working on their computers with the previous version, the 1803 or April 2018 Update with around a 80% penetration of market right now.

For all this, this is a fact that can become one serious problem for the own signature of Redmond, since they continue spending the weeks of this one year 2019, And the closer is ever official presentation of the first of them updates which are planned for this year, which is known as the moment 19H1. In fact this is a new version of Windows 10 which is expected to begin shipping from the next month of March, which is why they are just over 2 months.

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Microsoft may have a problem with the first great update of Windows 10 of 2019

Bearing in mind that at this time the market penetration of the October 2018 Update It does not even reach 10% penetration, it is more than likely that many millions of users are prepared to receive the 19H1 without even having accepted the installation from October 2018. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Microsoft itself is currently starting to automatically update the compatible equipment of many of its customers, as we have informed you this week.

Now, having seen and after what has happened with the commentary and, for some, disastrous October 2018 Update, the question that is being made is from Redmond, It is up to what point the users they will accept in good faith install the 19H1 when it is sent to only a few weeks.

And, at the same time, keep in mind that this section of the Windows 10 updatesHe has been one of those who has given most headaches to Microsoft almost from the beginning of the system in the summer 2015Problems that have been growing and accumulating. So, at the gates of one new updateAnd with users distrustful of these, most of them working with a version of Windows 10 that will last one year, this is the way completely contrary to what Microsoft was trying to do since it launched Windows 10, trend which will cost you to solve.

Do you plan to install Windows 7's 19H1 when it reaches your computers in a few weeks?

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