Monday , April 12 2021

Videos: Shaquille O’Neal ends up in an ambulance after a wrestling match

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Shaquille O’Neal is probably one of the most recognizable NBA stars in basketball history, among other things, thanks to his enormous size and strength. However, in wrestling he doesn’t have as much experience and things don’t seem to have gone quite right for him.

He has joined Jade Cargill in the fight to face Red Velvet and Cody Rhodes. During the fight, the basketball giant has literally thrown his opponents to the ground. However, lack of experience has played into his hands a bad pass to O’neal.

In one episode of the fight, Cody Rhodes threw him from the quadrangle over two folding months, leaving them shattered after the fighters fell. Apparently, this fall had left the giant unconscious 2.16 meters of height i 147 kilos of weight, and it was her teammate, Jade Cargill, who had secured her victory after knocking out Red Velvet.

Prior to the event, O’neal assured in an interview with the Associated Press that he would emerge victorious, “guaranteed.” However, according to the images, the basketball star left the arena in an ambulance.

This was not Shaquille O’Neal’s first participation in wrestling. Thus, over the years he has made appearances at events for WCW, Impact and the WWE.

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