Wednesday , October 5 2022

What is this mysterious orange light that surrounds the Earth?


The OUR published, through its various platforms, a photos where you see it Earth is wrapped in curious orange light. The image was captured by an astronaut International Space Station from the height 400 kilometers about Australia.

This one luminescence reveals some of the works of the upper boundary of our atmosphere and, most importantly, possible help to teach scientists about it move of particulate matter near the Earth's interface and the space as a connection between the climate spacious i earthly, experts say.

  • To better understand the implications of this restructuring atoms in the form of molecules ionized from the sunlight in this region dynamic (planetary atmosphere), there are satellites such as ICON from NASA, which will help scientists understand the physical processes at work where atmosferu The countries cooperate with space close to it.

But what is an orange tone?

According to scientists from NASA, this orange shade surrounding the Earth is known as the light of the air. He said phenomenon It's a consequence chemical reactions in the atmosphere of the planet and free it, atoms present in the lower atmosphere clashing with one another and losing energy in a collision, and the result is a colorful glow.

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