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Which employees in positions are valid – 11.11.2013


A friendly working environment, recognition of achievements and benefits package above the market average make it the perfect connection for a company that will be rated by its employees as "good for work".

At least that was the perception of 55,789 employees 52 companies that entered the rank of the best place to work, when they answered a work climate survey prepared by Great Place Consultant to Work.

Banco Galicia, DHL and Cisco took first place in three categories in which ranking was divided. Among more than 1,000 employees, the podium was completed with Naranja and Mercado Libre. In the category of companies with 251 to 1,000 employees, DHL was followed by Natura and Mars. And among the companies with up to 250 employees, the technology companies Mulesoft and Onapsis took second and third place.

List it does not reflect big differences from last year: in the big podium category it is repeated. In the second category they remain the same first and second place, but enter Mars in the third Galicia Seguros in the fourth place. Finally, among the smaller companies, CISCO climbs to one position, Onapsis repeats the third place, and Mulsesoft for the first time appears on the podium. The Cencosud card, which ran this category in 2017, was ninth.

The Labor Climate Survey provided by Greta Place to Work's consultant to all companies that want to measure itself is a major contributor to the development of ranking. This year, they made a total of 119, although only 52 crossed the cross-section line to enter the "best" rankings, which is 70 points. The survey accounted for 70% of the results obtained from companies, which averaged 80 points on average. The remaining 30% comes from the "culture audit": the companies that presented the consultants with HR practices that are being implemented in 9 areas: selection and greetings, inspiration, listening, speaking, thanking, developing, nurturing, celebrating and sharing.

Those who have integrated three podiums to rank the best places to work in Argentina. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

Those who have integrated three podiums to rank the best places to work in Argentina. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

The climate change survey, defined by its weight in the global assessment, contains 58 affirmations ("judgments") for which employees have five options of response, ranging from disagreement to a full agreement. All responses 4 and 5 (in agreement or in full agreement) constitute the "index of convenience", percentage of favorable opinion of employees in relation to the case.

In this release, affirmations with the highest benefit index were centrally focused, with a good work environment: "When a person comes to work, he or she is welcomed"; "My company is a friendly place to work" and "get a good deal" exceeded 90% of favorable responses (92, 91 and 90, respectively). With 89%, the phrase "I am and I in my work environment" appears, which speaks so well, respecting diversity.

On the other hand, those who had the highest growth compared to the previous year were related recognition and benefits. "Everyone has the opportunity to receive special recognition" and "We have special and unique benefits here" has increased three points from last year, leaving 70 and 74, which is well above the values ​​achieved in other companies (which reached average rates below 50 %).

Another important issue is leadership, especially regarding the fulfillment of promises, tasks and coordination of tasks and participation of employees in projects. A particularly sensitive point is equality: impartiality when promotions are given, for example. "This is a subject that we are very close in. All that performs performance management and talent management this year will reach 63 points. Although it seems low, it has increased by 2 points last year and 4 of the previous one," says Emilia Montero, Research Director and development at the Great Place to Work. "It's slow to go, but organizations are right to modify performance, potential and developmental evaluations. When you look at that judgment in the light of the market in general, the difference is 21 points," he adds.

35% is the percentage of women in driving positions in ranking companies. In the total allocation it will reach 41%.

Too the balance between work and personal life has improved, according to employee perceptions. The statement "People are encouraged to harmonize their personal lives with work" was 74% this year, against 71 last year.

Compensation judgments have a much lower index. However, despite the current economic crisis, the statement "Adequate Payments" was 4 percentage points higher than in 2017: from 53 to 57. In the same sense, "I feel that I get a good part of the profit organization" has passed from 47 to 49 "The perception of people has increased beyond the situation through which we pass," says Montero. If you compare these figures with the index of companies that have not entered the ranking, the difference is at 10 and 12 points, respectively.

"The best companies have clearly controlled the climate from every point of view and They focus a lot on the salary issue"She looks at Montero." They noticed and started. The context of the state is the context of the country, but companies must continue to produce in this context and they need the same dedicated team, "analyzes the consultant.

Montero believes that "this year's ranking is very positive: terms that are complex for organizations have grown." And reports that only one had a negative evolution. "The bosses have a clear vision of where the organization is going and how to achieve it," which dropped two points (from 79 to 77) in relation to last year.

Practice under magnifier

Regarding the culture revision, which represents a 30% rating for the ranking, "companies presented a total of 70 practices," says Valentina Perez Aguirre, Head of Research and Development at Great Place to Work. "We've made five best practices that make a difference in comparison to other companies, and it's seen that companies ranked in the ranking for many celebrity-related activities." The World Cup has made it the best companies to draw a series of practices in this regard, "he explains. . 94% of companies are involved in ranking Celebrating important achievements and meeting goals, against 33% of companies outside the ranking that have implemented practices of this kind.

The second differential axis was the subject of communication. 96% of ranking companies applied videos or voice messages recorded by the executive director of the organization, which only 42% of the remaining companies include. 89% conducted training for conflict resolution and 83%, programs for encouraging proposals for employees. .

the data

  • 51% of employees in total ranked companies belong to Generation I, or "Millenniums", and 44% to Ks.
  • 80 points is the overall average of 52 companies that entered the ranking list 2018. A total of 119 companies were measured and 76,347 employees were answered.
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