Saturday , July 24 2021

Yankees sign 2019 World Series Opening Champion pitcher

the Yankees of New York signed the opening pitcher Mike Montogomery a la MLB 2021.

After the New York Mets set him free because there was no room for him in the team rotation, the Yankees they joined the Blue Jays and Mariners on the stakeholder list and eventually won the race.

Mike Montogomery he had a 1-1 record with six runs allowed in seven innings and 9 strikeouts, he clearly didn’t get the chance to determine whether or not he could throw in the MLB 2021.

Montogmery is a veteran of 10 seasons in the Major Leagues, He has played for the Kansas City, Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago Cubs.

We are talking about a left-handed pitcher who was champion of the MLB with the Chicago Cubs in 2016, he measures 6.5 tall with 220 pounds and is 31 years old.

Here is the report:

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