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Zulia was the most affected by the event in Yaracuy

Minister Igor Gavidia: Zulia was the most affected by an event in Yaracuy

Energy minister, Igor Gavidia, on leaving the installation of the Public Services Supervision Plan in Zulia, reported that on Wednesday, May 15, "an event in the Yaracuy state was registered that It is not determined with precision, but that had consequences "and affected the states of the Andean region, Zulia, Yaracuy and a part of Barinas.

He said that the region "with greater involvement was again Zulia, but it is already recovering. (The system) is reaching the East Coast and the West Coast."

On the priorities for the entity, after the permanent installation of work tables, he reported that it is first "to raise the level of thermal generation and raise the transmission to give the Zuliano people the reliability in the electric sector that deserves it for the resistance it has made to these attacks by the fascist right. "

He stressed that "they expect to lift Thermozulia little by little and already is doing everything to add machine by machine with a company …".

He said that the region is generating 100 megawatts, and from the national electric system around 900 megawatts.

He announced that for the Ramon Llacuna Plant to apply a "plan to rehabilitate it 100% in a term no less than 18 months (…)".

The load management plan application said that "it has been changing and increasing the amount of energy that is being delivered (…) we are moving forward because Since it is the tail of the entire system, we need to guarantee stability not only for the state, but for the country. "

He recalled that three months "an event in Yaracuy provoked a complete shutdown of the country, today we have just seen an important event that did not turn us off all over the country but has had a fast recovery."

Eb to Guri noted that "he is advancing" and that the autotransformers "are like a new car."

He announced that in less than two weeks he will be installed in the region to accompany the people, "I am currently standing out in Guaiana because we had an event in El Guri, but we are already leaving and going to Zulia because the town is" He has won it, he has proved a resistance. "

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