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2 "hidden boss" who blocks Vietnam's way into the AFF Cup?


Wednesday, 14 November 2013 00:15 (GMT + 7)

The Vietnamese team defeated Laos 3-0 at the AFF Cup 2018. But here are two very stunning opponents waiting for teachers of Park Hang Seo.

Referring to the monumental line of Myanmar in front of Cambodia: (The above original footage: copies of copyright belong to NektMedia, they are broadcast on the VTC)

The Vietnamese team can not be subjective

Vietnamese team is number 1 in the group A AFF Cup 2018. In addition, Park Hang Seo Teacher Teacher also has many advantages in the schedule, as well as the yard layout, courtyard according to the new tournament format.


Vietnam will have two heavy matches

In the match, the Vietnamese team played very well. Although Laos, Trinh Cong Phuong, Anh Duca, Kuang Hai scored three goals. In the meantime, the defense is not disputed by the weak force of the team "a million elephants.

However, the Vietnam team will face two challenges. In the second and third battles, the Park Hang Seo coach took over Malaysia and then headed to Myanmar. These are two direct contenders for the semifinals of the "Golden Star".

Malaysia and Myanmar are already present. Malaysia competed in two matches and on the table. After the battle in front of Cambodia, the former AFF Cup champion began to warm and win 3-1 over Laos.

Myanmar and Malaysia are ready to give up

Myanmar's offer for AFF Cup 2018 is still fierce. Although they crossed the grid before Cambodia, they had a four-goal shot after the break. Burma shows offensive fire fighting with a lot of physical strength as well as speed.


Myanmar has four goals in Cambodia

Not only that, the most prominent player of Mianma, Aung Thu showed impressive performance. The star is called "Ronaldo Myanmar", which contributes to the goal with a conditional formation. Also, Myanmar also has the advantage of scheduling. In the second match they met with Laos and faced Vietnam in the next turn.

Accordingly, if Vietnam does not have good results before Malaysia in the United States on 16/10 tonight is under heavy pressure, when the operation in Yangon will be 4 days later.

Back to Malaysia. They do not have stars that stand out, but in exchange, they are a very uncomfortable carrier. In the past, the Vietnamese team never had a foul against Malaysia in their home. The AFF Cup 2014 was defeated by 2-4, and in 2010 it was 0: 0, all in the fire of My Dinha.

In addition, Malaysia and Myanmar apply the tactics of success. They are not too loud in the media. The insider's speech is always limited and does not mention any major goals. So, Malaysia and Myanmar have a lot of psychological burden. With the spirit of comfort, feeling that nothing was lost, these two opponents pledged to create a lot of problems for teachers of Hang Seo Park teachers.

Vietnamese conflict with Malaysia at AFF Cup

2008 Malaysia 2-3 Vietnam

2010 Malaysia 2-0 Vietnam

2010 Vietnam 0-0 Malaysia

2014 Malaysia 1-2 Vietnam

2014 Vietnam 2-4 Malaysia

2016 Malaysia 0-1 Vietnam

Facing Vietnam with Myanmar at the AFF Cup:

2010 Vietnam 2-3 Myanmar

2012 Vietnam 7-1 Minnesota

2016 Myanmar 1-2 Vietnam

Myanmar has hijacked artillery & # 39; for the Vietnamese sword

Antoine Hei was shocked when he decided to hide Aung Thua's "great pistol" for the decisive match.

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