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Alcohol is the cause of more than 230 diseases, but it is advertised as a "successful yeast"!


Minister Nguien Thi Kim Tien.

Minister Nguien Thi Kim Tien.

Addressing members of the National Assembly in the morning of November 16, Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien confirmed that the commission for the drafting of the Alcohol Reduction Draft will be studied and absorbed in the spirit of the problem that benefits People working at the highest level and not using people.

"It is also very difficult for delegates, for up to two terms, and so far, it is still difficult, because there is a relative confrontation between the desire for the law to protect the health of people and the producer, Biznis also wants income and profit," Tien said.

In this spirit, the Minister of Health said that this law is trying to harmonize its approach to health and socio-economic aspects. When a law enters into force, it is more accessible to health. But other aspects are regulated by other laws, they must be consistent with applicable laws and international integration, as well as with feasibility.

"We would like to thank and appreciate the great contribution of our humanistic sciences, our humanity and our deepest spirit of community and health. We will once again listen and absorb and work with the Draft Board to adapt them and present them in the future."

"It's hard to be proud of the leading position in Southeast Asia and the third in Asia for beer, wine"

Speaking at the National Assembly in the morning of November 16, delegate Phan Trong Nhan (Binh Duong) said, from 2014 to 2016, when beer consumption did not significantly increase global beer, Vietnamese alcohol consumption doubled and this is just statistics.

According to the National Traffic Safety Board, alcohol-related traffic accidents cost about 250 billion dong each day. Not to mention the difficult and long-lasting consequences for a society that can not be measured.

Although beer and alcohol are the direct causes of at least 30 traumatic events and the direct cause of at least 200 diseases, they are included in the International Classification of Disease, which affects all three social, ecological and economics reported by the Health Minister to the National Assembly, but the promotion of beer and alcohol is Listen listener wrong thinking about the attractiveness of certain tonics or medicines, such as "thousands of years of gas", "Passion", "successful enamel" or "lift the glass due to large ears", …

Representative Phan Trong Nhan

Representative Phan Trong Nhan

"Since then they have forgotten or intentionally forgotten the case of tragedy, traffic accidents, family tragedy, violence, the husband lost her husband, lost her father for beer and wine." If he demands a culture of drinking from consumers, this is the culture of wine and beer industry " he led the reality.

Therefore, the delegate agreed with the need to apply strict laws and regulations in order to reduce the advertising of beer and alcohol. Return to the nature of the damage that always awaits when it intentionally exceeds the command between benefits and damage.

"The promotion of beer and alcohol must be prohibited in all programs on press, video, on-line newspapers and social networks, and not just sports, culture, theater due to lack." As envisaged in point b, paragraph 1 of Article 11, "- he said. .

MP Binh Duong said: "It is difficult to be proud of the leading position in Southeast Asia, and the third in Asia for beer and wine. Is the cause of the achievement coming from its availability in the social life or effort of the beer industry?" Likeworld stores do not have to be found everywhere from grocery stores, pavement cafes to top restaurants, even in city areas where food is available. Beverages ready to serve all night.

"Do we protect human health or choose the income of VND50 billion per year? But do not forget, the damage it left to 65,000 billion. So what is still encouraging the development of the country, so that many people advocate the culture of drinking", – said Mr. Nhan.

In the meantime, Kuoc Thi Van (Dien Bien) estimates that the use of alcohol in Vietnam has left tens of thousands of people dead and hundreds of thousands hospitalized for alcohol – beer. It is also a direct cause of some diseases leading to cancer, such as esophagus cancer, stomach cancer … and also is one of the causes that lead to the brain and nerves, hardening, long leads to psychosis, depression, memory loss, disorders behavior.

"The number of deaths due to traffic accidents involving alcohol and beer is also increasing. For the reasons given above, I have very much supported and I expect a law will soon be issued to take appropriate measures to reduce the harm caused by alcohol," he said. representative.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol of all time

The representative of Ha Thi Phuong Hoa (Hanoi) said that the reality is 18 years or more of the subject of alcohol, beer and many new years to squeeze, friends clutching each other. There were cases when one does not drink, others are considered negligible, which leads to capture, hatred and killing one another for anger.

"I think that forcing people to drink alcohol is a culturally irresponsible act that has unnecessary consequences in social relations, but the reality is that many people are on the move. The attack on the other to drink alcohol, I propose to ban the use of alcohol, beer in all components, age, and not just under 18, "she said.

Representative Nguien Anh Tri (Hanoi) said that alcohol is a human invention, present in entertainment, sorrow, from family to nation and international. However, alcohol is also the cause of many harmful effects on health, diseases, especially in the digestive system, the nervous system, the psychiatric causes of traffic accidents, and the damage to family happiness.

"As a doctor, and also a person who does not drink alcohol, I understand and share it deeply with them. So, building a law that would fundamentally prevent alcohol harm is essential, it should support, but it is really a very difficult thing for wellbeing, interweaving, wide scope, multiple objects, heterogeneous "- he said.


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