Tuesday , July 5 2022

Although MV, Jack and K-ICM have revealed most of the song "The Wind"


So there are only 2 days left until Jack and K-ICM "Wave Wind" MV officially spread to YouTube, achieving many expectations and expectations from the audience and fans. However, perhaps the recently published MV will no longer be too surprising for the fans of the two boys, since Jack and K-ICM reveal almost all the lyrics and melodies of the song. here many days

Jack and K-ICM sing live most of the song "The Wind" at an event in Da Nang.

In a June event in Da Nang, after making two "cabinets": "Hong Nhan" – "Silver Department", Jack and K-ICM decided to respond to the enthusiastic audience support Da. Singing a fairly long piece of the song "The Wind." Needless to say, the public's enthusiasm before hearing this song before. The song was performed live many times during the musical nights with the participation of two young artists.

Jack and K-ICM even released a demo version to the official channel.

Without stopping, the two boys also posted the demo clip on the official YouTube channel. One can say, until now, that the public can even sing memorized by song, nothing is secret. This is a relatively promotional way that goes against the traditional way. When you hear the melody that was revealed earlier, you can see that Jack and K-ICM continue to maintain the music that made their name: a little western popular melody combined with EDM, the lyrics can be polished even relatively soft and humid.

Most artists, when preparing to introduce an important product, try to keep the secret of the song until the last moment, even the summary does not reveal any of the melodies of the song, Make sure that Exposition and novelty of the public for musical products. Choosing to sing in advance almost the whole song is a risky step, especially for young artists like Jack and K-ICM.

You still do not have a television engine, Jack and K-ICM have revealed most songs of Song Wind: is there something unexpected waiting for the fans? - Photo 3.

A visual revelation in MV: Jack is honest, while K-ICM is great with vests.

Observing how Jack and K-ICM launched teasers for "Waves", apply the YouTube premiere method, as well as support from the audience for the presentation, which made teasers a million of visits, they could see expectations. The duo of the artist in this song is huge. The release of all the melody and lyrics of "Song Gio" long ago will affect the attraction of VM during the release? Or does it bold: the "Waves" version of the MV will be completely different from what was revealed to the public?

Jack and K-ICM are still a great question, not yet fully explored in Vietnamese music, in the way they are famous, the method of promotion is not the same as the methods we often see. This movement does not make us too questionable. What do we need as a result of these actions? Looking at "Hong Nhan", "Bac Phan" and "Sao Em Tinh Tinh", you can see that they had the first success.

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