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Argentina lost only to the champions in the last 6 main leagues


Lionel Messi and his teammates are a good indication for the opponent to find them in the eliminatory Cups of America and the World Cup.

The statistics began in the Copa America 2011. In this year's championship, Argentina finished second in group A and finished second in group C, Uruguay, in the quarterfinals. Diego Pérez opened the scoreboard for Uruguay in the fifth minute, before Gonzalo Higuain equaled 1-1 after 12 minutes.

During the rest of the time tables have not been added, both teams must decide to win or lose with the shooting. All five Uruguayan players successfully shot, while Carlos Tevez failed in the third series, causing the interruption of the squad to the round of eight teams. After surpassing the heavyweight champion, Oscar Tabarez won Peru 2-0 and Paraguay 3-0 to reach the top of South America.

The Argentinian was sad after losing to Uruguay in the Copa America in 2011.

The Argentinian was sad after losing to Uruguay in the Copa America 2011. AFP.

In 2013 the Copa America was not celebrated, so that the next major tournament attended by Argentina was the 2014 World Cup. At that moment, Messi kept the captain's arm. He scored four goals in the group stage, helping the team of tango to remain at the top of group F with three wins.

In the eighth round, Argentina surpassed Switzerland through the only goal of Angel Di Maria for the minute 118. Also with the minimum victory, the team twice of the world championship overcame Belgium in the quarterfinals, before winning the Netherlands in a series of penalties in the semifinals. In the last match against Germany, Argentina received a bitter in the 113 minutes when substitute substitute, Mario Gotze, achieved the only goal, bringing the world championship to the "tank."

In the Copa América 2015 and in 2016, Argentina is in Chile in the final and loses in the turn of campaigns with 1-4 and 2-4, respectively. In both games, Messi and his team failed to score goals during the match. They felt mental depressed at the time of brainstorming and failure. In her, Messi is the first to fail in the 2016 game.

Messi said goodbye to the team after losing the final of the 2016 America Cup. Photo: AFP.

Messi said goodbye to the team after losing the final of the 2016 America Cup. Photo: AFP.

The stage lost the recurring champion with Argentina to the world cup of 2018. Under the direction of Jorge Sampaoli, the tango team was almost eliminated from the group stage and won only the following round in the Final round in defeating Nigeria by 2-1. after a 1-1 draw and lost to Croatia 0-3.

The second place of the group took them to group C – France – in the eighth round. Two teams dedicated to the winning party, with seven goals. Antoine Griezmann opened the scoring on the 11th minute in the 13th minute, but four minutes before the first half closed, Di Maria made a long shot to tie 1-1. Three minutes after the break, defender Gabriel Mercado climbed to Argentina. However, France scored three goals in more than 10 minutes, thanks to Benzamin Pavard and a double by Kylian Mbappe, because Sergio Aguero reduced the score to 3-4 in injury time. After winning Argentina, France beat Uruguay with 2-0, defeating Belgium 1-0 and lowering Croatia 4-2 in the final to the second world championship.

In the tournament that took place in Brazil, Argentina also had difficulties to overcome the group stage, before defeating Venezuela 2-0 in the quarterfinals. In the semifinal against Brazil, the teachers of Lionel Scaloni lost 0-2 the goals of Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino. Brazil came to the final and easily defeated Peru 3-1 to win the 2019 America Cup.

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