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Barca 3-4 Betis: Where should it be?


Barcelona salutes Lionel Messi from injury, but none of them expected to lose Real Betis 3-4 at home. Barca 3-3 Betis is surprising, but very reasonable.

The middle of the field in Barca is under pressure

Ivan Rakitic, Barcelona Sergio Buskuets and Arthur's field have been well played lately, helping them win in heavy matches like Seville, Tottenham and Inter. But on Sunday night, they play under their power.

Due to the poor, tired of midfield, Barca failed to take the game. They controlled 54% of the ball, much less than the usual (over 65%) and continue to lose the ball, starting with Real Betis counterattack.

Barca 3-4 Betis Due to the picture
The midfielder Rakitic and Barke has a forgotten day

For three, Arthur played the worst. The Brazilian midfielder was replaced shortly after the first half to get space for Arturo Vidal. Rakitic, who received 81 minutes of the red card, ended his efforts to save the situation in Barca.

Before Betis played very enthusiastically, the line between Barça turned out to be weaker than before. When they did poorly in the attack and defense, the Camp Camp Campaign in November was partly explained.

Overview of Rakitič's disqualification situation:

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Barca players are very free

Ernest Valverde's biggest impression since arriving in Barcelona is to match them. In 2017/18. Barca scored only 29 goals in 38 matches, on average, 0.76 goals per game. This helped Valverde's trust in his team to play more attacks, more troops in this campaign.


There is a belief that the teacher did not receive the Barca players for 54 years. Barca 3-4 Betis expires. After the match, the Catalan team won a total of 18 goals in 12 games, An average of 1.5 goals per game, the number is exceedingly terrible.

Messi returns and Barca loses because of the picture 2
Barca was negotiating Betis four times

Of the 20 teams in La Liga 2018/19, only five teams received more than Barca. Valverde's defenders are very stable, but in a negative direction. Despite the excellent goalkeeper Ter Stegen in the wooden frame, Barca's clean paper is now becoming a very rare thing.

Before Betis, the Bar line was always passive. As stated, the middle of the field constantly loses the ball, puts the back side in a difficult position. However, Valverde's defending players do not play well.

The wings with Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto rose rapidly in order to exert pressure on the central defender. Gerard Pikue is still only his shadow. In the meantime, partner Kliment Lenglet still frowns when wearing a yellow shirt.

Kliment Lenglet believes that Barka is not ready for Messi on the show
Lenglet is still a slow step with Barca

Betis's attacks are often short-lived, but enough to make Barca's defense unbelievable. Statistics show that visitors have reached 15 times, more than half (8) hit the target. This means that their players are always in a good position to finish.

Barca 3-4 Betis still reflects the level of Lionel Messi. The Argentine star returned from injury and doubled even if it is a fitness, not the highest level. However, Messi and his team can not be compensated for the free line.

If the status of the deal, this breakthrough continues, the capability of the Barca who won the title will be suspected of a great deal. Before round 12, Betis was one of the smallest teams from La Liga (8 goals in 11 games). But they made the debut in Barcelona for the first time four times at the Nou Camp and was extremely unpleasant for Valverde.

http: // 3-4 Betis (KT): Messi is back and scored double, the king continues to face
Lionel Messi doubled in the repeated result after the injury was inadequate to save Barca from losses in Camp Nou on weaker opponents …

Betis tactics are perfect

Having a point in Camp Nou is a difficult task for every coach. Real Madrid under the hands of Julien Lopetegui also lost 1-5 defeat. But on Sunday night, Real Betis members have full joy here.

The key next to him, besides the fall of Barça, can not miss the coach of Kuikue Setien. First, he helps his disciples to attain the perfect state of mind. They came out of Camp Nou with a hot heart, but with a cold head.

Messi di bong Barca vs Betis
Betis has a perfect match at Camp Nou

Betis plays the pressure of the fire, but he is very alert when he has the ball. They have bridges that connect lines: Giovani Lo Celso (a loan from PSG) is excellent not too low in front of Barça in the match. After that, the dancers Cristian Tello and Junior Firpo surpassed the space that attacked Alba and Roberto when they attacked.

If only the defense, Betis could not have scored in front of Barca. In the end, they won the La Liga champions four times and scored a full three points. All but tactical sophistication is commendable.

Barca 3-4 Betis Match Video Match (La Liga Round 2018/19):

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