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Barça demanded second place against El Clàssic

Holding the ball more than three times, finishing four more times, but Barça had to wait until the 90th minute to score a goal against Real Valladolid 1-0 in the League on the evening of 5 April.

Barça demanded second place against El Clàssic

Many factors supported Barça before the reception of Real Valladolid. Ronald Koeman’s teachers and students reached a high level when they won the last five rounds of The League. They have all the strength, while the visiting team faced off due to many pillars of the Covid-19. In addition, the record of winning 13 in the last 14 matches makes Barça fans believe in a victory.

Still, Valladolid is harder to eat than previously thought. The defense of the five visitors was able to tighten a little the goal of Jordi Masip. 9 minutes into the match, Kodro nearly took the lead, as broke through on the left.

Messi and his teammates played poorly, creating almost no significant opportunity in the first half.  Photo: AP.

Messi and his teammates played poorly, creating almost no significant opportunity in the first half. Image: AP

Due to the arrangement of two central midfielders, Barça often lose the number of troops in the center before putting pressure on Valladolid. Sometimes Lionel Messi has to dig deep to find the ball and try his luck with a free kick. He and his teammates did not create enough pressure to ban the visiting team. Until the first minute of injury, the local team was able to penetrate the “double-decker bus”, but the sinker that shot about 25 meters goalkeeper Masip touched the post.

Koeman tactics involved an interesting 4-3-3 combination. This setting works. Barça finished 17 times in the second half, almost three times seven times in the first half. With 59 minutes played, O Noumane Dembele went down in a suspected penalty situation after a challenge from the visitors’ right fullback, but the referee, having a good line of sight, signaled to keep playing. Antoine Griezmann hits his head, but the ball misses the post.

Dembele is shown a red card after 79 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Dembele is booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle. AP

In the garden, Koeman was restless. Only winning the League can help him stay under the new president Joan Laporta. The opportunity is evident in this round, when Atlético’s top team falls to Sevilla and the difference can be reduced to one point. Koeman teachers and students also have a direct confrontation with Atletico in May to take autonomy.

The pink stage did not reach Barça for 89 minutes, although it played more than the only one because Oscar Plano received a red card after committing a foul with Dembele. Koeman exercised all five substitution rights while refreshing the fair products Trincao, Martin Braithwaite and Riqui Puig. But who won the three complete points of the Catalan team was the one who played from the beginning of the match: Dembele.

In the last minute of the official match, the French striker took the ball from the left post, after the midfielder replaced Ronald Araujo to win the air and come back. Valladolid’s defense could not close in time, leaving Dembele with a left-footed shot from more than 10 meters. The ball sank, preventing the visiting goalkeeper from falling in time. This is the third goal of Dembele’s last four games.

Dembele has a perfect volley for the left leg ...

Dembele has a perfect volley for the left leg …

... carrying a beautiful goal like gold for Barça.  Photo: Reuters.

… carrying a beautiful goal like gold for Barça. Image: Reuters.

With 65 points, Barça regained second place for Real Madrid just before the El Clàssic match on 10 April. Valladolid, on the other hand, remained in 16th place, being reduced to three points by the team ranked 18th in Huesca and the League was nine.


Boat: Ter Stegen, Mingueza (Araujo 63 ‘), Lenglet, Alba, De Jong, Busquets (Braithwaite 64’), Pedri (Moriba 77 ‘), Dest (Puig 87’), Griezmann (Trincao 63 ‘), Dembele, Messi.

Valladolid: Masip, Bruno, Nacho, Javi Sanchez, Olaza, Mesa, Alcaraz, Janko (Hervias 65 ‘), Plano, Codro (Rubio 85’), Guardiola (De Sousa 77 ‘).

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