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Bui Anh Tuan criticized musician Le Phuong for singing without a license


– After musician Le Phuong expressed his dissatisfaction because Bui Anh Tuan used his song without permission, the singer addressed the phone and publicly apologized on his personal page.

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On November 4, young musician Le Phuong published his criticisms of Bui Anhu Tuan, arguing that the singer did not respect his rights.

Bui Anh Tuan criticized musician Le Phuong for singing without a license
Bui Anh Tuan publicly apologized to musician Le Phuong for singing without permission.

Accordingly, Le Phuong shared a video clip by Bui Anh Tuan who performed the song "Let Me Love You", the soundtrack "Life for Us in the Twenty Years" and the introduction of the wrong author. At the same time, male singers regularly use the song on the show without permission.

Things have a lot of attention. In addition to some of the opinions expressed by consensus with Le Phuong, many also defend Bui Anh Tuan and say that the singer is only inhuman and not deliberately doing so.

Shortly thereafter, the "No Season" singer apologized to musician Le Phuong and accurately corrected information about the song.

"First of all, Tuan would sincerely apologize to musician Le Phuong." Last time, Tuan wrote the song "Let's Love Him" ​​to make a song for his favorite "Le Phuong" audience. this song in the music room.

Tuan met and thanked the composer for Tuana and is always respected and wants to thank the musicians. Without them, Tuan could not get good songs sent to his audience. However, due to the misunderstanding of information received by Tuan from the recording of the song, Tuan made a mistake in introducing the song "Please Love Me".

Tuan once again wants to rectify the information and send it thanks to musician Le Phuong, who wrote the song "Let me love you". Tuan is looking forward to musician Le Phuong's sympathy and accepts this honesty from Tuan. "

Bui Anh Tuan criticized musician Le Phuong for singing without a license
Share Bui Anh Tuan on the site.

Bui Anh Tuan publicly apologized to musician Le Phuong on his personal page. However, this musician is still unhappy and believes that this error is the insensitivity of the entire team.

"Do the three apologies and minor repairs on the page have enough to alleviate copyright infringement?" The musician Le Phuong answered.

He also said that the fans of Bui Anh Tuan were dejected by him and said he calls for the 26-year-old to become famous.

A few hours ago, Le Phuong said that everything was resolved after a brief telephone conversation between him and singer Bui Anh Tuan.

"There are problems arising from behavior, with regard to behavior, Phuong just needs." Incorrect error, error and accuracy. Everything about "I love you" was Bui Anh Tuan apologized to this page. Personal and telephone, "wrote Le Phuong.

Through the story, the musician Le Phuong wants to share copyright lessons with people. It is not just a contract and a cost, but a consent of the author of the product and the user.

According to him, the use of a song by a professional singer either in any major program was commercial or not, and the author's consent is still required. A copyright guarantee is then guaranteed (if the name of the author is correct).


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