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Cong Phuong got a yellow card, Incheon lost the "shock" to the team that needed Sports


Cong Phuong received a yellow card, Incheon loses the "shock."

The Cong Phuong player received a yellow card on the day Incheon lost the "shock" 1-3, before the opponent swept the Suwon Bluewings board.

After leading the local Suwon 1-2 team, Cong Phuong once again gave the opportunity to coach Jorn Andersen when he shot in the 66th minute. Immediately, Cong Phuong created a connection with his teammates by stages. Go a complicated ball full of speed.

Cong Phuong got a yellow card, Incheon lost it
The attack of Cong Phuong was expelled in the second half of the second half, without leaving a mark of experts outside the first yellow card of Liga K. Photo: Incheon

In addition to attending Kim Yin-ja to face the goalkeeper, but striker number 13 ended the wrong goal, the same Nghe got a mark when he reached the 77th minute, 50m from Cong Phuong, Suwon defender changed direction.

In an unlucky house, front 23 Cong Phuong received the first yellow card in the K-League after a blockage of his team to the ball in the 78th minute.

Enthusiastic to attack to achieve a goal, Incheon received a "coup d'amor" at the end of the game. Adam Taggart headed home to win 3-1 and completed his double in this match. With Incheon, this is the second consecutive loss that caused Cong Phuong and his team to be temporarily in the 8th place in the K. League rankings.

Cong Phuong got a yellow card, Incheon lost it
Real in the match against Huesca lost almost half of the pillar's squad. Photo: AP

Real lost almost half of the squad before the match against Huesca

Manager Zidane suffered a headache in the clash with the Huesca in the League League 30, when almost half of the team from Real Madrid had to leave due to injuries .

In the list of real competition records, the French coach does not fill the names of many pillars: midfielder Raphael Varane, midfield midfielder Toni Kroos – Luka Modric, the young Raiders Marco Asensio due to an injury after # 39; have joined the team. Selection of Spain for Euro 2020 classifications.

At the same time, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois could not recover from the injuries, so coach Zidane was forced to bring his son – Luca Zidane (team of Real Castilla) and goalkeeper Diego Altube Suarez from the under-19 team to get the three players. topics of the main alignment.

Although there is no chance to compete against the best team in Barcelona, ​​because the difference between the two is 15 points, but Real Madrid is desperate for the win to improve third place, currently behind the # 39; Atlético with two points.

Cong Phuong got a yellow card, Incheon lost it
Austrian Ashleigh Barty won the Miami Open for the first time. Photo: AP

Ashleigh Barty defeated Pliskova at Miami Open

Excellent Australian player to reduce number 5 Karolina Pliskova 7-6 (1); 6-3 in the final of singles, the first time that the Miami Open was crowned.

Before this showdown, Karolina Pliskova and Ashleigh Barty met four times and won the same.

To establish a final game that was extremely tenuous, both players won a breakpoint of the opponent, forcing both to decide to win and to lose by the series of tie. In this series, Barty unexpectedly exploded, winning 7-1 in the lead.

After the excitement, the 11th Australian seed stood out in the first Pliskova service in the second set, before winning another halftime to finish the match 6-3.

With this victory, Barty obtained the title Masters 1000 (title 4 of the WTA). This is also the biggest title of Ashleigh Barty's career.

With the Barty prize of Miami Open of 2019, 1.3 million dollars, the young person of 22 years will return to the first 10 WTA thanks to 1,000 bonus points.

At 11:00 PM this evening (March 31), Roger Federer will compete against the singles champion, John Isner.

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