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"Digging" achieves 40 billion years from the best sweet potato tree in Lang

Tuesday January 29, 2019 5:30 PM (GMT +7)

Sweet potato is one of the key cultures in the district of Loc Binh (Lang Son), contributing a high economic value, contributing to the reduction of poverty for farmers. Therefore, the district of Loc Binh has focused on the development and brand of Locna Bin to improve the value of this product.

Key crops

Loc Binh potato is grown in fertile fields at the foot of the Mau Son mountain range, aggravated by the alluvial soil of the Ky Cung river. The special soil and climate makes Loc Binh potatoes look round, beautiful and delicious. Therefore, Locna Bin has been famous for being the best sweet potato in Lang.

People in Binh have used sweet pastries as daily food, potato-based dishes are diverse, they are easy to process and they are eaten like boiled potatoes, baked potatoes, fried bread …

The people of the Binh town collect breeds of cultivation on sandy soil along the Ky Cung River.

In the province there are 2,144 sweet potatoes, production of 13,305 tonnes. The Loc Binh potatoes are evaluated high quality, famous inside and outside the province. The area of ​​potatoes in the district of Loc Binh is almost 600ha, production is more than 4,000 tons, of which the most concentrated are in the communities of Tu Mich, Khuat Xa, Tu Doan and Luc Thon.

On average, the sale price is from 9,000 to 10,000 VND / kg, the total value of the Locna bin is 36-40 million VND in the year.

Yellow potatoes, round, smooth, when they are alcoholic are perfumed and sweet, which is why they are very popular among merchants.

The sweet potato plants grown on the land of the neighborhood of Loc Binh have a sweet, aromatic, friable flavor … the taste is very different from those grown in other places. In addition to the traditional varieties of potatoes, farmers in the district actively put new varieties into production, such as the Hoang Long potato, the taro … to better meet the needs of customers.

The value of sweet potatoes is higher than rice and corn, so in recent years, farmers in the district have expanded the area of ​​sweet potatoes. However, due to the lack of brand names, sweet potatoes from the neighborhood of Loc Binh are mainly sold in districts and provincial markets. Therefore, there was a situation where small traders borrowed Loc Binh potato from selling potatoes from other regions, negatively affecting the brand of Loc Binh potato, as well as consumer confidence.

At the same time, there is no link between farmers and companies in the production and consumption of products, so that the sweet potato Loc Binh is always in a position to sell by merchants. Faced with the previous situation, the district's functional branch advocated the construction of the collective brand "La Batata Loc Binh".

Yellow cars are aligned for sale along the 4B freeway.

Mrs. Le Thi Thoa, a commune of Tu Doan, in the neighborhood of Loc Binh, said: Thanks to the application of the training knowledge on sweet potato production according to the process of quality assurance, the measures to manage And using collective brands "Potatoes Loc Binh", the potato crop this year, his family harvested and yield increased compared to the previous crop. Our people expect to produce sweet potatoes according to the process of guarantee, quality and productivity, thus improving the needs of customers. The price has increased and more stable, helping farmers to increase their income, develop their family economy and contribute to the construction of new rural areas.


In order to manage, preserve and promote the products of the Loc Binh drink, the Permanent Committee of the District Committee of Loc Binh directed the District Popular Committee to register and grant a certificate of protection of the collective trademark by Khoai Loc Binh lang. According to the plan, the area specializing in the cultivation of potatoes in the town of Loc Binh has the communes of Tu Doan, Khat Xa, Luc Thon and Tu Mich with a surface of more than 300ha.

After receiving the collective collective protection certificate "Loc Binh" for district sweet potato products, the district of Loc Binh organized activities to promote products and expand markets for sweet potatoes Loc Binh, guaranteeing a good quality assurance of design, having the opportunity to reach the most demanding markets. Since then it is linked to national companies to process sweet potato products, facilitating the connection between farmers and businesses and consumers.

The brand of Locna Bin is gradually consolidating and this is the premise that the district will form a region specialized in the cultivation of potatoes, the creation of employment, the work, the expansion of production, Increasing the rent for people, contribute to building new rural areas in the town.

The price of sweet potatoes ranges from 15 to 25,000 VND / kg depending on the designs and sizes.

In declarations to PV Dan Viet, Mr. Ly Viet Hung, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Lang Son, said: Continue to build and develop the brand of Locna Bin, contributing greater economic value and people with a more stable income, in the In the near future, the locality must continue to develop the organization of the association, ensuring that farmers who have sweet potato crops meet; Focusing on the protection and development of the batch brand Loc Binh; Implement sweet potato intensive cultivation models in a sustainable way to create products to guarantee food safety, towards the production of sweet potatoes under the VietGAP standards.

At the same time, it promotes activities in the media to present and publicize people about the brand and the product of Locna Bin; use containers, labels to package products when marketing and strictly manage the labels issued to farmers who grow potatoes; Encouraging companies to invest in areas of building materials associated to producers, investing in the construction of technological lines in the transformation and conservation of the Loc Binh potatoes after the harvest …

In the year 2018, the Department of Property and Intellectual Property granted the certificate of protection of the group "Loc Binh" to the sweet potatoes and established associations of culture of sweet potatoes for members of 4 communes of Tu Mich, Khuat Xa, Your Paragraph, Luc Thon.

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