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Directly Huesca – Barcelona: The ball hit the pole column in the home-football team of 24 hours


Saturday, April 13, 2011 21:02 (GMT + 7)

(Live football, Huesca – Barcelona, ​​the round of the League) Barcelona is an unfortunate when the ball only touched the goal at the goal of Huesca.

Direct Huesca - Barcelona: the ball touched the column along the goal of the local team - 1 0 – 0 Direct Huesca - Barcelona: The goal hit the goal with the goal of the local team - 2
Huesca Barcelona


HOT: 61 & # 39;

NO. A Huesca player came back high, but Stegen continued to resolve easily.

& # 39;

Initial alignment:

Huesca: Santamaría, Pulido, Miramon, Etxeita, Galan, Juanpi, Rivera, Gómez, Ávila, Gallego, Blacksmith shop.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Wague, Todibo, Murillo, Umtiti, Aleñá, Vidal, Riqui Puig, Malcom, Boateng, Dembele.

1 & # 39;

Barcelona is at the start of the first part.

7 & # 39;

Anor won the ball from the feet of Alena and accelerated to Ávila when two Barça players entered, but Ávila fell to the offside trap.

12 & # 39;

Huesca received a left corner and the relatively large head of Avila did not endanger Ter Stegen.

17 & # 39;

I DO NOT LOG! Dembele was stopped by Santamaria in the face to face and Huesca's keeper pushed the keeper to Murillo.

20 & # 39;

Barça hit on the right, but Boateng did not finish well when he picked up the Wague result for being approached by Huesca.

26 & # 39;

Barça had a great success after Vidal wins the ball to the right, but the defense of Huesca ended up with the ball.

31 & # 39;

Barça had a counterattack in the middle of the road and Puig quickly put the ball into Vidal before being captured by two Huesca players, but Vidal changed the wing to the left.

37 & # 39;

I DO NOT LOG! Dembele lowered to the right until he stretched out though he seemed to be out of play, but Boateng broke the shot.

40 & # 39;

I DO NOT LOG! Gallego had smart tricks to enter the Barça penalty area, but lost his place.

42 & # 39;

CARD OF OR! The referees warned Todibo that after launching Ferreiro.

44 & # 39;

DANGER! Ferreira crossed Vidal's shout on the left flank and the ball went back to the second line and Rivera shot at goal.

& # 39;

At the end of the first half, Osca and Barcelona tied 0-0.

46 & # 39;

The second half of the game started.

50 & # 39;

NO. Huesca shoots a free kick on the right, but the ball is blocked.

52 & # 39;

I DO NOT LOG! Stegen's goalkeeper came out and saved the goal from Barcelona.

56 & # 39;

I DO NOT LOG! A nice combination of Barça, but Dembele left the ball.

57 & # 39;

VALLS VINENTS. Malcom hit the ball from the left, but the ball found a long pole, the shot of a Barça player was blocked.

61 & # 39;

NO. A Huesca player came back high, but Stegen continued to resolve easily.

Noteworthy information before the game of Huesca – Barcelona

It will rely on Dembele

Coach Ernesto Valverde said that the game would be important for Ousmane Dembele because the absence of Messi and Suarez means that Dembele will be a key element of the Barça attack. "We have to focus on winning 3 points in this game before thinking about MU, and Ousmane will be the leading player in which the team believes," he said.

Barça still wants Willian

According to Sport, Barcelona continues to have an interest in the Brazilian attacker Willian on the Chelsea shirt. They hoped Chelsea's ban on transfer could help Barça buy Wilian at a cheap price, in case Chelsea complained to postpone the execution of the penalty this summer.

Messi can play the match against MU

According to information from the COPE station in Spain, Lionel Messi may have suffered a nose break after Chris Smalling that took place in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. You may have to stop playing for 7-10 days and the injury may even require surgery, that is, the possibility of Messi against Manchester United is uncertain.

Direct Huesca - Barcelona: the goal reached the goal with the goal of the local team - 5

Messi is thought to have a nasal septum after the Smalling shot

How many games should Barça win to be sure of winning?

After 31 rounds of the League, Barcelona scored 73 points, 11 points more than Atlètic and Real Madrid with 13 points. In theory, Barcelona only has to win 3, tie 1, win 10 points in the last seven rounds to achieve the goal and this task is not too difficult.

Strength situation

Huesca: injury Luisinho, Insua, Akapo

Barcelona: Injury of Rafinha, Piqué, Suarez suspended, Roberto, Rakitic, Messi is not registered


– Barcelona is unbeaten in the last 19 games in the League

– Huesca has a series of 5 unbeaten matches and concedes at least 2 goals / game in the League

– Huesca lost everything and conceded at least 4 goals per game in the last 3 games against Barcelona

– Barcelona has always scored at least 2 goals / game in the last 5 appearances in the League

Prediction of League 32 in the round: Barça dream of destroying it

Barcelona continued waiting to finish early this season.

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