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Do not prosecute women doctors


Thursday, 11.08.2013. 11:39 (GMT + 7)

Police identify his ex-wife Chiem Kuoc Thai plays the role of an actor, hires a guerrilla husband with a cost of one billion.

On 8 November, the Public Safety Agency of the City Police HCM completed an investigation into dr. Chi Kuoc Thai (SN 1971, District 1, HCM Citi), killed in Nguien Hue (District 1) on March 28.

Accordingly, six accused are charged with "intentional injuries", including Vu Thui Hong Ngoc (SN 1978, former Thai wife), Phan Nguien Dui Thanh (SN 1981; ST Phan Phu District, HCMC); Nguien Thanh Phong (SN 1978, home to Tra Vinh), Pham Van Duc (SN 1985, resident of Tan Phu district), Nguyen Tran Thanh Tuan (SN 1990, resident of Tan Phu district). In this case, Vu Thui Hong Ngoc has been identified as the main artist.

The case of Chiem Kuoc Thai was cut off: Do not prosecute a female doctor - 1

Ms. Vu Thui Hong Ngoc

According to research, Chiem Kuoc Thai and Vu Thui Hong Ngoc live together as a husband and wife since 2008. By 2011, two persons were registered for marriage.

Ms. Ngoc met Dr. Tran Hoa Sen (working at District 5, HCMC) through Mr. Chi Kuoc Thai. In June and 1414, the conflict between Wife and wife wife, Ngoc often left the house elsewhere. By 2015, Ms. Ngoc filed a divorce application and filed an application, asking the Ho Chi Minh District Court to grant the property.

On the first day of March 2018, dr. Tran Hoa Sen called Ngoc in his house at Nguyen Kim (District 10). At the same time, Sen also invited Phan Nguien Dui Thanh to Mrs. Sen's house to exchange land purchase.

The case of Chiem Kuoc Thai was cut off: Do not prosecute a female doctor - 2

Dr. Chiem Kuoc Thai

Here, Mrs. Sen introduces Ms. Ngoc and Thanh to meet. Listening to Ms. Ngoc, who talks about the divorce proceedings with Thai, Thanh promised to help Thailand Ngoc.

Ngoc Thanh lightly hurt Mr. Thais for a billion. When Ngoc and Than exchanged, Ms. Sen opened the door and heard a story about two people talking about the injuries of Mr. Thais.

A week later, Ngoc brought 500 million VND to the clinic to transfer Mrs. Sen's toilet to the clinic. Later, Ms. Sen called Thanh into her house to get 500 million.

After receiving the money, Thanh ordered the Anti-Corps and his nephews to plan to reduce Mr. Thailand. Later, younger sister Thanha came to a cosmetic hospital where she was a gynecologist. Thailand was the director he was following.

In the afternoon of March 28 Than's younger brothers and sisters found him in the car, and they followed him. At 10:30 pm on the same day, Mr. Thai had just left the restaurant on Nguyen Hue on the pedestrian street, Thana's brother rushed to cut off Mr. Thaisland and escaped.

At the end of this mission, Than invited the group to Thailand moves to a company that shares wages. Mr Chiem Kuoc Thai was injured in 5% of cases had to be investigated, prosecuted by those who organized him, hit him.

Ms. Ngoc arrested the HCM City Police on May 28 at Tan Son Nhat Airport while leaving Vietnam. During the investigation, Phan Nguien Dui Thanh and his accomplices surrendered 400 million illegal revenue.

The conclusion of the investigation determined, Dr. Tran Hoa Sen takes the act of receiving and delivering 500 million from Mrs. Ngoc, assigned Phan Nguien Dui Thanh to win the g. Chiem Kuoc Thai. However, Ms. Sen's investigation has not confirmed that Ngoc has hired Thanh to defeat Mr. Tajc, she does not know how much money to transfer to Thanh and what purpose is not enough for criminal proceedings with Ms. Senna.

Police are looking for a female doctor involved in the murder of Chiem Kuoc Thai

Police identified in the shooting of Dr. Chiem Kuoc Thai on the pedestrian street Nguien Hue with the participation of a female doctor and …

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