Saturday , August 20 2022

European star on the field


At the end of the first half, these two teams scored a score of 0: 0. Overall, this is not really exciting when both teams are cautious. At the same time, Timor Leste started well in Indonesia in the first 45 minutes.

45 minutes: Neil Etheridge continued with a reasonable exit, in the Philippines.

42th minuteTo this point, both teams have yet to hit the finish line. Numbers show caution to two teams.

32 minutes: The Philippines has a change of people. Luke Voodland has gone out to fill the gap left. On the court are players Daisuke Sato, who plays in Romania for EPL Sfant Gheorghe.

31 minutes: The game takes place at an average speed. Two teams (in particular the Philippines) are cautious and do not want to spur a step.

25 minutes: Singapore suspended the ball in the middle, but Neil Etheridge played safely. The Temple Guard game in the Premier League is an impression on the Philippines.

Minute 18: OPPORTUNITY! Philip Iounghusband had the chance to fall, but the defender from Singapore bravely stops as soon as the player prepares for a goal.

Minute 15: Ikhsan Fandi again with a free kick. The ball was beaten, dangerous, but departed from the column.

Minute 14: Dangerous! Singapore created the first dangerous opportunity. Ikhsan Fandi hit the ball in the first half, but missed the ball.

Minute 10: Left Baptism Mother Otto made an unstoppable shot.

7 minutesThe Philippines had control over the game, but did not raise the pace. In the meantime, Singapore is still loyal to the defensive game, counter-counterattack.

Minute 3: The Philippines is getting better. For 3 minutes, they created a shock wave in front of Singapore.

The Philippine team launched the strongest team. Exceptional, Goalkeeper Neil Etheridge, who plays in the Premier League, started early in the match. Other Philippine parties such as Carli de Murga, Luke Voodland, Manuel Ott, Stephan Schrock, Philip Iounghusband …. also entered the start.

Start line:

PhilippinesNeil Etheridge, Carli de Murga, Luke Voodland, John-Patrick Straud, Martin Steuble, Manuel Ott, Paul Mulders, Mike Ott, Stephan Schrock, Philip Iounghusband, Patrick Reichelt.

Singapore: Hassan Sunni, Safwan Baharudin, Irfan Fandi, Shakir Hamzah, Zulgarnaen Suzliman, Izzin Shafik, Hariss Harun, Gabriel Kuak, Iasir Hanapi, Ikhsan Fandi, Faris Ramli.


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