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"Explosion" overcame Vietlott, a ruthless girl trap of relatives


Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 09:05 a.m. (GMT +7)

He was in charge of relatives who won billions of VND Vietlott, Hoa borrowed and earned the money from many relatives.

On January 16, the news of the People's Court of Quang Nam, the unit has just opened a trial against the accused Ngo Thi Hoa (SN 1987) residing in the Duy Son district, in the Duy district Xuyen, in the province of Quang Nam, about the crime of ownership of assets. .

The accusation shows that there is no stable job, but the loan loaned involves a large debt. The financial secret led to Hoa to try to deceive.

& # 34; Explosion & # 34; He beat Vietlott, a stinking girl who overthrow his parents

Hoa Respondent.

Between Hoa and Ngo Thi B. (local residents), relatives and relatives were together, so the accused decided to choose this victim to deliver. In mid-November 2017, Hoa lied to Ms. B. who won the Vietlott number up to 12 million VND. However, strictly speaking, Hoa did not have any money to pay, so I was worried he did not receive the prize.

Hoa whispered and asked to borrow money from Mrs. B. In addition, the accused also promised that after receiving the prize, he would receive a gift of 2 billion dollars.

Due to his relationship, as well as his lightness, Ms. B. provided 20 million of Hoa VND. More sophisticated, when he received money Hoa also took Mrs. B. in Da Nang City and then went to a Vietlott agent to pretend to pay taxes. In fact, this Hoa loan was appropriated, used to repay debt and personal expense.

Trót reached the reach, Hoa continued throwing the old technique, the trick of Mr. Nguyen Van H. (another parent) of VND 55 million. Long time he did not see Hoa paid as promised, two new victims know they were deceived. After repeatedly asking the grandson to pay the failure, Mr. H. and Ms. B. made a request to inform the police.

In the test, Hoa admitted all his crimes. The Group stated that, before committing such fraud, on April 5, 2018, Hoa was sentenced to 6 months in prison for the property robbery offense by the Duy Xuyen district. Just released from prison, the accused continued to commit crimes. This shows that the accused is not aware of his mistake. The People's Court of Quang Nam condemned 24 months in prison for the accused Hoa.

"Explosion" is the head of the Ministry of Public Security, the grandson of the provincial vice president, Nguyen Xuan Luong (Nghe An), has made a great chip …

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