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Federer is angry and angry: Crazy for Christmas, Djokovic and followers

Saturday, February 2, 2019 00:04 (GMT +7)

(Sports News – Tennis News) Roger Federer, despite being a great player in the tennis world, can still not avoid the lack of moderation and reveals many imprudent acts on the ground at the moment he needs a "no cold".

Video of Roger Federer's angry special moments on the ground:

Among the legendary contemporary players of the world of football, Roger Federer The number one teacher is considered emotional moderation when played, especially sometimes it requires a "cold head" next to a "hot heart."

However, "Express Train" is only one person, not a saint. In the past, Federer He also revealed a fierce anger when playing in Grand Slam trophies or ATP Masters 1000.

Federer is angry and angry: Crazy for Christmas, Djokovic and followers - 1

Federer had been very angry with Djokovic and Nadal

A good example is when FedEx faces the great rival Rafael Nadal in a final pass. At that time, it was the third game of the 4th set when Federer led 2-1 after the first 3 sets, but lost an early break and lost 0-2 in that match when the score was 30. Nadal had a very deep approach and Federer seemed to have taken a point when the referee was at the end of the field.

But Nadal complained successfully when the ball adheres to the baseline and was extremely small Federer then "angry to cut" when he was angry at the referee because he thought the opponent had complained too late. The Swiss legend even swore a phrase that was recorded by the camera in the field.

Federer was also angry with blood when he hit the net in the match against Novak Djokovic in the Masters of Miami. "Express train" faded with frustration when he broke his racket on a hard surface with just one blow.

Federer is angry and angry: Crazy for Christmas, Djokovic and the followers - 2

Federer broke a racket of his competition when he failed in a match against Djokovic in the Masters of Miami

In his youth, Federer also launched his racket to air to alleviate the annoyance of being unsuccessful. But, sometimes, he got angry at the audience, when he called "shut up" because he thought it was too noisy to distract »when he played.

Compared to these "angry and lost" reactions in the past, Federer is now much calmer and more elegant, both in the style of play and in the field. Obviously, to obtain the same charisma, it was necessary to train a lot and deserves to be an example for many peers and followers to imitate.

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