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Finally, Phuong Thanh also revealed the reason why he can not marry the father of Little Chicken-Star


Phuong Thanh revealed to the man in the dark and said that the person who took me over the last ten years was the father of Baby Ga.

13/4 at dusk, the show 60 minutes bright The first episode of VTV9 on singer Phuong Thanh was officially presented. Here, the singer and his close friends revealed many special stories related to the life of the voice. Vacuum. In him, for the first time, Phuong Thanh mentioned the reason why he could not marry his father.

The reasons do not come with the chicken letter

In the show, the hidden corners behind a famous singer were revealed gradually, especially when the accompaniment of Phuong Thanh, Lam Truong, appeared on the screen and spoke directly with the people of the studio. . Lam Truong was surprised that he was the one in the center and attended the story of the love of Phuong Thanh and Cha Ga.

Even Mr. Hai was the one who brought gifts from his father chicken from north to south to send him to Phuong Thanh, and then continued bringing Phuong Thanh articles from the south to the north.

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Phuong Thanh in the program "brilliant 60 minutes."

After years of hiding this relationship, Phuong Thanh has now opened the heart to romance. The singer revealed that the mysterious man picked me up a few years ago, nobody else was Chicken's father.

For the first time sharing about the chicken father on television, Phuong Thanh said that when Chicken was released a year, Phuong Thanh and Father Chicken could not work because they are both very hot. He addressed his father's father: "As if I am now a family, I have 2 daughters … I and chicken".

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Baby Chicken and his father are Dang Ngoc Cuong. The father of the chicken died 3 years ago.

The singer also confirmed that the two had never been married, so it was not correct to call her wife, but a "romantic boyfriend."

"Due to the direct personality, if you are happy, say happiness, say separation and say separation, but if you can not stay, not only because the external form must contain the image."That's why Phuong Thanh hardly shared anything about it for ten years.

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Phuong Thanh said he never married his father Chicken.

Also in the show, talking about those who followed Phuong Thanh, director Doan Minh Tuan revealed that the singer numbered all his pursuers. There are numbers of love, there are "do not take" … This makes people curious whether Lam Truong has never been reduced to zero, Phuong Thanh said that there will be friendship that will always be friendship, and Lam Truong will not be has numbers


Referring to the near brothers of Phuong Thanh, it is impossible to mention the late artist Minh Thuan, who also said that the singer is very good and very feminine. Phuong Thanh rehearsed the moment in which Minh Thuan knew, the artist was the one who introduced Phuong Thanh to sing in the Hoa Binh theater and since then has Phuong Thanh today.

The singer also claimed that the person who led him to the professional stage is the next brother Minh Thuan. He even revealed that Minh Thuan spent money to produce his first MV. And since then, the achievements of Phuong Thanh have been linked to the efforts of Minh Thuan and director Huynh Phuc Dien.

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Minh Thuan is the one who heads Phuong Thanh to the profession.

In the program, one of the most memorable and touching moments were the images of the late Minh Thuan artist who was portrayed as a "two-world duo" with Phuong Thanh. This is an act that the director creates with a very cinematic perspective, from the angle to the composition. The director announced that this scenario is not a television program that has the opportunity to be used.

And also at this stage, when Minh Thuan's voice sounded like a duet on the other side of the world and Phuong Thanh made it incapable of controlling his emotions, the singer cried and drowned. no words after the performance was over.

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Phuong Thanh sang, the other microphone was for Minh Thuan, his voice seemed 2 duets between two worlds.

Also in the talk, speaking of the darkness in which Phuong Thanh lost his voice and could not sing, everyone was worried, director Doan Minh Tuan confirmed that the moment when people were afraid of their weakness was also the moment she is the most powerful. Being optimistic, Phuong Thanh even said the moment he could not sing, went to the movie, joining gameshow and was still happy as usual. Every time he stopped, he was in his own way.

When the MC suggested a story about the genre of Phuong Thanh, many directors, director Doan Minh Tuan and director Thai Huan also said that Phuong Thanh always appeared with a fresh look, with his mouth. brave, with very ferocious eyes, but the inner truth is very feminine, very weak. Lam Truong also said: "At any time, Lemon is a very feminine person."

The supply chain also has a lot of space for the device is not connected to the station - 6

Director Doan Minh Tuan revealed the truth about the people of Phuong Thanh.

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