Tuesday , July 5 2022

Former player Le Tan Tai: "Thang Lao, but still worried"


The AFF Cup champion said: "I'm really happy that I am the Vietnamese triumphant winner at this year's opening of the AFF Cup and a 3-0 victory over Laos. However, before the Laos team exceeded and played as an amateur, people can hardly confirm the strength of the Vietnamese team , although our players still play well.

The reason why Tan Tai has determined the style of students Park Hang Seo, because before a weak opponent like Laos, he needed to score more goals from Vietnam, faster pace and stage. The attack must be more diverse. Recruiting to Vietnam yesterday did not show this.

Thang Lao, but Vietnam still has a lot of worries - Photo by Phan Tung

Thang Lao, but Vietnam still has a lot of worries – Photo by Phan Tung

"Even with three goals against Laos, I have not seen any clear coordination of the attack. Not to mention the one-sided defeat, but we continue to demonstrate instability in the defense, which arouses me a bit of anxiety, because the match that we will meet our opponent is very unpleasant, AFF Cup 2008 host.

Commenting on the Malaysian rival, Le Tan Tai midfielder said: "Maybe after the games of SEA 2009, Malaysia has always been a great match for Vietnam football, it is always an obstacle to our matches." Even if they won the first AFF Cup in 2018 in Cambodia with 1-0, Malaysia continued to show that they are an unpleasant opponent, good physical strength and strong and heavy stone formations for recruiting Vietnam.

However, I believe that the Teacher of Hang Seo Park teachers will have the right way to win 3 points in the match on the night of 16/11 in the Mi Dinh stadium.

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