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Full text of the notice of the Central Committee of the party on the consideration and discipline of personnel


From November 12 to November 14, 1818, the Central Inspection Commission held the 31st meeting chaired by Tran Cam Tu, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and the President of the Central Inspection Commission.

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31st session of the Central Inspection Commission

At this meeting, the Central Commission for Examination (UBKT) considered and concluded the following issues:

1 – Check signs of injury Tach Thanh Cang, member of the Central Committee of the Party, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee

Drugar Tat Thanh Cang violated the principle of democratic centralism and labor regulations, violated the authority, principles and procedures of conducting business, violation of the rules of the Party Committee on the management and use of property. On companies owned by the City Committee of the Party and legal regulations in deciding on guidelines for business cooperation, project transfer, transfer of the right to use land under a party committee, Approve the representative of the main board of the City Party to issue shares to strategic shareholders in the company; Lack of accountability, unsatisfactory leadership, direction, lack of supervision, supervision, so the field is responsible for many offenses of law, causing great damage to the City Party budget.

During his term as a member, a member of the City People's Committee and the director of the Ho Chi Minh city of the Ministry of Transport, he broke the law on land and the management of investment in construction. He signed a decision approving the project and signed a contract on an investment project for the construction of 04 main roads in the new urban area Thu Thiem.

Violation of the city Tan Thanh Canga is very serious, causing many problems in society, which significantly affects the prestige of the City Party Committee, to the point that has to consider and implement discipline.

2. Consider and discipline individual individuals for proper project responsibilities. Mobifone Telecom Corporation buys 95% of AVG shares.

After an objective consideration, comprehensive violations and shortcomings of individuals; Based on the party's regulations on disciplinary punishment of party members, the Central Committee of the Judiciary:

– Disciplinary action was taken in the form of an alert Nguien Trong Dung, deputy head of the Reconstruction Department, a former member of the party, secretary of the cell department, director of the Department of Reconstruction, a government office.

– Discipline for Mr. Le Man Ha, former Vice President of the Government Office, and Mr. Tran Van Hieu, member of the Party Committee, Deputy Minister of Finance.

– It proposes to the Secretariat to consider and implement disciplines under its authority of Bui Kuang Winhu, a former member of the Central Committee of the Party, former secretary of the committee and minister for planning and investment.

G. Chu Hao, Director – Editor-in-Chief of Knowledge Publishing House, former member of the Party Committee, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, former member of the Central Committee of the Association of Science and Technology of Vietnam.

Drugar Chu Hao seriously violated the principles of the organization and activities of the party, violated the status and norms of the party members and determined which members of the party are not allowed to work; There are articles, statements that are contrary to the Political Platform, Party Statutes, resolutions, directives and regulations of the Party and the State, manifesting the degeneration of political ideology, "self-evolving" "Self-Transformation." The right to detect violations, party organizations reminded, reviewed, but comrades do not repair, repair, but continue to have new injuries. The process of reviewing and enforcing discipline was not in accordance with the party's regulations, did not respect criticism and acted against and challenged.

Chu Hao's violation is very serious, which takes place over a longer period of time, affecting the reputation of the party organization, negatively influencing social thought. On the basis of the party's rules on the discipline of party members in the offense, the Central Committee of the party decided to discipline in the form of an exemption from the party for another Chu Hao.

At the same time, the Central Committee for Economic and Monetary Affairs (NAFTA) gave an opinion on the draft amendments and amendments to the regulations of the Politburo about the regime of inspection and supervision of the work of the personnel.


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