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Get to the Mi Dinh stadium to see Vietnam without a map, jokes that are very real


My Dinh Stadium is not necessarily a ticket. Implementation: Group of journalists.

The story of B stands

There are still many fans who want to be a fan of the Park, but I can not get a ticket in my hand.

Warriors also found that this range without sales notes just embraced all the tears. "One million B couples who buy, no?" The man shouted at the audience who gathered in front of "My Dinh". They also had to sell the last tickets before a sound official whistle.

The black market in the sky is now close to the floor. However, this is not the only option for fans who want to watch without tickets. There is another way, less money, more unhappy but sure never risks …

Come to Mi Dinh Stadium to see Vietnam without ticket, joke but very real - Picture 2.

The mountaineers entered the fence with security guards.

Like many "anecdotes" that people are talking about, there is a gate in My Dinh that can easily see the stadium without a ticket. As students who can not afford tickets for the black market, despite the reduction in prices, we travel through the Sports Hospital, leading directly to the gate of the Mi Dinh stadium.

About 45 minutes before rolling the ball, here we are quite "the same direction". But the door is locked, the guard standing blocking, I wondered if the rumor was true? Some people began impatiently, and they approached the defense teams asking whether there was an "alternative" for entry without a ticket. They received an earthquake. There are young people who risk hurrying up immediately.

Standing beside me, his brother was selling water near the door, just charmed: "How come the stars, then you want to see it?" As we catch gold, we pretend to be a surprised, upset voice. He assured, "Peace in the mind, in a brilliant, village in the middle of the battle to return this spring, this money is more complete."

As far as I know, some juices have hooks with a few other rods in there. Just spend money for them, it's safe to run into the arena without having to worry about the issue of protection. He sold the phone, saying once inside, the man approached the corner of the campus. They exchanged their voices, addressed us: "500,000 three, come in?"

Cheap as free, no matter what we disagree with. But he is also an idiotic, secret job to tell a lot of places. Others also noticed, whispering to the corner of a man standing inside. When the job was over, he called the fence. However, due to overcrowding, people stayed for some time, keeping the detection portal and escaping immediately.

Even so, two or three were lucky enough to quickly climb up and lead another man. Wait for them to come back, I think they're on fire.

He turned to me and asked, "So is our order?" He said we waited a bit. But we did not see a man anymore, we began to feel a little discouraged. However, they do not add "people have minds."

After a long wait, a 40-year-old woman appeared. She seems angry at being disgusting, so she goes to bed. Someone heard her story immediately asking them to help them?

Come to the stadium "Mi Dinh" to see Vietnam without a card, joke but very real - Picture 3.

Tilting a "new money" payment

"Who is from here," she pointed to the fence away from the guard's eyes. This price will go directly to the main gate to buy a black market likewise. But one-third, four immediately agreed. These people led her to a far corner, where a man stood waiting. They climbed to the bottom without receiving them.

She returned later. We offer 1 million for 3 people. For a moment, the middle-aged woman brought us to the corner. Inside, of course, the man waited. "Come inside and give money, get up," he asked us.

When all three fell to the floor. He led us through the dark path, surrounded by the end of a smelly water reservoir – as I assume waste water. Serious, firm, dark as ink, do not be careful to slide your right foot. But he went to Vukong's Sun "by riding the clouds to the wind". This should happen as a meal.

Passing through the dark darkness, Mi Dinh Stadium appeared before our eyes. "Up, I'm going, all three guys always." He pointed to the engine that was built earlier. On a short journey to B, we ask as if that's okay. In response, he declared out loud: "How long have I been doing it, be sure."

The car stopped us behind the B-pillar. There was one man waiting in front. We paid a man to drive a million and then give it to the top. After that, the three of us continued to climb again. But this time, hitting the eyes, the shadows of the black guard are ready.

However, when they saw the shadow of another man, they immediately avoided the journey without asking if we had three cards or not. As we promised at the beginning, we were reduced to stalls without any obstacle. There was no place because the first match started in a few minutes. I'm not sure if I can get a place before I buy a ticket. You just know, the young man holding the card standing in front of me murmurs: "Buy tickets and still have to stand …".

Story at the stands A

A similar story is also taking place at the stands A. However, the method of payment is different. After crossing the entrance gate and first security with the help of the guards, the fans came to the entrance gate in the lobby. Those who do not have tickets are placed next to the wall next to the staircase bar in Hall A.

Just wait for the man and signal the security personnel, fans as fast as squirrels, jump and go through the fence to get in. Before departure, the fans of the spleen do not forget to return to their own hands to protect something and join the influx of people rushing into the yard.

Come to the Mi Dinh stadium to see Vietnam without ticket, joke but very real - Picture 4.

When you are too impatient, you do not need to ask security personnel.

According to the share of fans on the street, in some way they lost 300,000 VND in the yard. The door is 200,000 VND, the doors are two hundred thousand VND, where you have to pay to go there. The monitoring team at the entrance also ignored this situation. Do not issue tickets for buying tickets, no need to spend millions of them still in the yard, they also have the privilege of sitting where to sit, accidentally late to accept the booth, but of course still "happy".

There were several fans who were witnesses of the incident. Of course, nobody wants to speak, because in their mind they simply have to think quickly in the yard to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the beautiful match that is preparing to take place. Even when the game is about to start, some people are so impatient that they have to help themselves to mass up the wall, not to mention the security forces in the yard.

Before the game, there are many people who ask "How to buy tickets?". They stood for almost 12 hours, tweaked, pushing and even confronting terrible guardians to get a ticket. But there are people who do not need tickets to enter the stadium.

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