Monday , May 16 2022

Hanoi: Barriers on Dinh Ngang Street Due to Covid-19 Cases Returning from Ho Chi Minh City to Many Places – Thanh Nien Newspaper


  1. Hanoi: barrier on Dinh Ngang Street due to Covid-19 cases in Ho Chi Minh City that moved to many placesThanh Nien Magazine
  2. Hanoi adds 12 more positive cases with SARS-CoV-224h news
  3. CDC Hanoi: The city meets two “green zone” criteriaVnExpress
  4. By registering 1 positive case on October 15, Hanoi met the level 1 criteria of the Covid-19 epidemic.New Hanoi
  5. Hanoi reported 12 cases of Covid-19, including 10 people returning from epidemic areasPopular newspaper electronic newspaper
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