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Hanoi – HAGL: Very murdered, it broke 90 minutes 4 minutes – Soccer 24h


Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 00:25 (GMT + 7)

(Football Video – Football results, Hanoi – HAGL, round 16 V-League) The most remarkable game of the round was a very dramatic end.

Evolution of Hanoi – HAGL (Copyright BongdaTV, VTVCab)

Doan Van Hau was absent and caused the Hanoi club to start with Van Dung and Van Kien in two positions, while Pape Omar and Kebe continued to be the leading edge with the support of Quang Hai and Captain Van Quyet. Along with HAGL, for the first time, Xuan Truong started from his return to the V-League and tied with Tuan Anh, while Van Toan kicked the front couple with Felipe.

Hanoi - HAGL: wrong mistake, broke 90 + 4 - 1 minutes

Hanoi celebrated the first goal of Omar thanks to the great effort of Van Quyet

Only 3 minutes of competition, Hanoi won 2 free throws and the second time they opened the scoreboard. Van Quyet made a ball of the ball that was broken, but he rolled to retrieve the ball and then entered, and Pape Omar was in the furthest place to defeat Sietsma.

Van Quyet continuously threatened HAGL's right with ice droplets or collaborated with Quang Hai. At minute 15, Hai "against" had a good chance to unleash a volley in the HAGL penalty area thanks to the passing of the third age, but the left foot was not dangerous. The threat of Hanoi not only came here: in 19 minutes, Van Dung had an unexpected volley from the right angle to the right to send the ball to the crossbar.

HAGL strikers are effectively isolated and make visitors' opportunities scarce and above all about personal efforts. Quang Nho had a solo phase from the right, which was pretty good during the minute 23, but the finish was not difficult enough for Van Cong, and Ngoc Quang made an effort to throw the post after Van Thanh's pass.

Hanoi - HAGL: erroneous error, broke 90 + 4 - 2 minutes

Sietsma almost gave a goal to Hanoi

Hanoi did not have many dangerous opportunities in the second half of the first half, but they approached the second goal of a mistake by Sietsma. Sietsma, who received a pass from his teammate, managed the ball that caused the ball to return to the goal, but the Dutch goalkeeper escaped the bite when he rushed to break the ball into the lime line. Therefore, both teams entered the break with only 1 goal away from the local team.

Entering the second half, HAGL started well and in 51 minutes it was happy when the head of Felipe almost reached the lime line, but they were captured by Van Cong. The match then started to warm up, making the referee withdraw his card to calm the players on both sides, and HAGL also lost momentum, making Hanoi take the lead.

From minute 64 to 66, Sietsma blocked twice the opportunities of Van Quyet and Duc Huy, while Quang Hai left the post. HAGL lost Felipe forward for injuries and in the last 20 minutes his chances were very small. Meanwhile, Hanoi does not attack too much and more, it is more proactive to buy time to win the minimum victory.

But it was just in the last minute of the game, the defense of Hanoi to Van Toan escaped to the long distance beyond the Xuan Truong route and plunged into Van Cong. Hanoi conceded the last minute as before to Khanh Hoa and now they are TP. HCM has more than 3 points in the top position, while HAGL has 16 points, 3 points better than the Khanh Hoa club after Khanh Hoa won the Binh Duong minimum.

Scoring game: Ha Noi 1-1 HAGL (1st semester 1-0).

Score goals:

– Hanoi: Omar 3 & # 39;

– HAGL: Van Toan 90 & # 39; + 4

Initial alignment:

Hanoi: Van Cong, Duy Manh, Van Kien, Thanh Chung, Van Dung, Van Quyet, Duc Huy, Hung Dung, Quang Hai, Omar, Kebe.

HAGL: Sietsma, Duc Luong, Kim Bong Jin, Trong Sang, Van Thanh, Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh, Ngoc Quang, Quang Nho, Van Toan, Felipe.

Direct football Hanoi - HAGL: construction of Xuan Truong, Van Toan equals (KT)

Van Toan equaled HAGL at the last minute of the assisted phase of Xuan Truong.

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