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Hoa Minzi "peels" the wealth of Duc Phuc property: 10 savings books, 1 house, 4 billion cars – Life Shovbiz


Thursday, 15/11/2018 09:30 AM (GMT + 7)

After several months, Duc Phuc decided to buy a private car for this to happen.

Recently, on the personal page of the instinct, Duc Phuc showed his new box with his name. It's the luxury Range Rover.

Hoa Minzi & # 34; Duc Phuc's wealth: 10 savings books, 1 house, 4 billion cars - 1

Duc Phuc shows a new box

Below the picture there are more than 78,000 likes and many comments congratulate Ducu Phuc and ask him to "wash the car". This is the result after many hard-working days of Mom Tam.

But shortly after the show, Duc Phuc was hired by Hoa's henchmen Hoa Minzi to remove the car nearly 4 billion. According to the comment, Hoa Minzi writes: "30 days, 30 days, 10 savings books, houses, car almost 4 billion Omg."

Although it was just a joke, many fans agreed with Hoa Minzi's statement on the hard work of Duc Phuc on the show 30 days a month. After cosmetic surgery, male singers are more expensive shov and participate in television shows, playing. Therefore, the block of property as indicated by Hoa Minzi does not look ridiculous.

Hoa Minzi & # 34; Duc Phuc's wealth: 10 savings books, 1 house, 4 billion - 2 cars

Duc Phuc car canceled Hoa Minzie nearly 4 billion

It does not stand there, Hoa Minzi continues to show the "muddle" of the family flower of the hibiscus. When he saw his brother show the car, Hoa asked for a loan of 6 million before he borrowed. Scattered on the personal page, Duc Phuc replied: "Never accept to leave, and people never believed her words."

Commenting on sister sisters makes fans excited. Many fans wrote: "You love the relatives of your hometown."

Hoa Minzi & # 34; Duc Phuc's wealth: 10 savings books, 1 house, car 4 billion - 3

Hoa Minzi often earns Duc Phuc's brother

The name of the floral hibiscus comes from three Hoa Mines, Erika, Duc Phuc and joins the Perfect Couple program. According to Duc Phuc, just because the look and color of the Hoa Minzi bones always blazing red should be conceived of as a hibiscus flower. This is why this nickname is followed by all 3 members.

Speaking of the wealth of Duc Phuc, in an interview in June this year, he said he bought his home a few months ago. The house he bought in HCM Citi is about 60 – 70 square meters, fully furnished. All designs are made by male singers. Votes Take your hand He also dedicated a room for the performance of the show and fans' gifts. This is also a small corner that loves male singers. During 2018, Duc Phuc also has a tour in Europe, and a judge at a music competition on television.

Quiet support U23 Vietnam, Hoa Minnie still attracts attention because it is too beautiful

Despite the split of 2 years and new love, Hoa Minzi still enjoyed the exquisite boyfriend Cong Phuong in Indonesia.

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