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"I'm doing a nail, my husband is doing a restaurant, hard, but because you" – Mother


Thu Hyen said that the couple no longer makes money trying to do the best for their children.

A beautiful love story that has surpassed all the winds of the park is called "the beautiful wife" of Tran Lam and Thu Hien's wife, who caused the chaos community in 2014. Many people love the love story of the couple as an ancient story Modern, on the other hand, a young girl Thu Hien carries a lot of markets rumors love for material.


Thu Thuen's wedding – Tran Lam triggered a social storm in 2014.

Four years after the joint association of the community of married communities, the life of Thu Thuen and Tran Lam today have received many changes, amusement and many new challenges. The couple also had a special two-year-old son named Jaiden Nguien.

The boy received thousands of blessings from Netizens thanks to the exceptionally sweet, handsome appearance, the hereditary beauty of both parents. Leaving aside all the rumors about public opinion, Thu Hien and Tran Lam also prove sincere love for a quiet life without grinding in Canada.


After four years, the couple lives with their son in Canada

In the latest conversation, Thu Hien shared the lives of the parents of the present couple.

More responsibility, let's talk about the child

It's been 2 years since baby boom in Canada. So far, Hien and Lam have become parents?

When there are more children, the couple does not see that life differs slightly from mature, they no longer care about the economy one day, but go further, trying to do the best for their children. My husband and I also feel more responsibility, but so we understand, the family is more fun. For example, as usual, every hour we go home, but from time to time have children, they still did not want to come back to the baby.

Jaiden was 2 years old, praised by many as handsome. Can you share more about this beautiful boy?

Jaiden was not in school until he was three years old and started attending school, so Jaiden was with her at home. He is very hyperactive or running and often boasts of praise, "Why are you always laughing?" (laughs)

However, when the need is good, the child is very self-conscious. As a morning, know that parents have to go out on the hall, not cry. At home with her is also very good, self-play. Jaiden teaches in English and Vietnamese.


Jaiden Nguien is extremely handsome, beautiful, inherited from his father.


After the kids, Thu Hien – Tran Lam the couple loves each other more.

A woman makes a nail, her husband runs a restaurant, all the best for children

Ever since Jaiden was born, have you ever been to Vietnam to visit your hometown?

The last time Baby Yaiden was over 4 months, my family returned to Vietnam. It's a long way to go, but it's very good to steal a baby, you barely cry to the end.

Is the current income of a couple sufficient to raise a child in Canada?

I am currently working for a nail shop, her husband has been in the restaurant for many years. Income is not too much, but also relatively stable and healthy life. The male and female viewpoint is easy and not afraid of suffering. I'm still trying.

Also, I do not care about the evil rumors of the past, I only know how to best live for the family, for my husband and children.


Life is not too rich, enough to cover, but with steam, this is the simple happiness they expect.

What is the current date for couples and baby Jaiden?

Normally, during the week, the couple got up and taught their children to brush their teeth and greet them to work. Mom and Dad go to work with their grandmother. The momentum when the mother is ready to go home is a 2 year old baby, but she knew that she stopped greeting her mother, to see her mother happy and asked for money to remove the pig pipe. (laughs). Mom and Dad eat, play together for a while like a dad. What are you playing now?

There are children like this, sometimes going to work tired, but seeing that there are no children. One week, despite being busy, the couple has to leave the weekend for children only. At that time he or she would go to the market, eat or visit the grandmother.

Gui likes scars on his face

Living abroad, Thu Hien learned something from Canadian children's learning.

The day and practice of a Vietnamese or Canadian mother have good points to learn. For Canadians, I love the way I've learned self-confidence.

Here, when a child falls, if not serious, parents will let their children stand. I saw that case. At first, I realized that parents are indifferent to children, but when they rise and rise up close to their parents, they begin to worry and ask the baby how to lead children to learn from the experience. While in me, if the child falls and his parents hurry to help the baby will be more panic, or you want to "eat" you need to cry more. It will also lose research or learn to get up.

As far as dishes are concerned, these mothers also do not allow your child to eat while you are running around. She will eat and eat a spoon. When they are better, parents will allow children to do their job, such as removing coats, shoes and clothes. Help first, next time you do it yourself.

Another thing I like the most, in Canada are all people, although they are not known, but in a way that is happy to greet. Babies seeing such an adult also learn and go out to greet, make friends quickly.


Jaiden's two-year-old was very self-conscious, independent.


Hien husband – Lam for children in daily routine?

Jaiden was two years old, but when he was just over a year old, I falsified my baby every time he came home, he came in to remove his hat, socks, shoes and put it himself, put it in the basket. At first, the baby only knows how to remove, but then when your mother is focused, then you know yourself. Every time they go to the market, my parents claim that the baby also seeks help. In view of this, I also take the initiative to give the child only the weight of the baby in his storage, arrangements.

Like eating, Jaiden sits on the couch in the last few days, does not eat so much, so I'm free now. Always and then, put your baby on a chair and she will understand.

Currently, at the age of 2 years, I teach my kids to brush their teeth every day, when they give something to say "Thank you", the waste must be thrown into the trash. However, the child is so eager to eat and toss the sweaters of his mother or daughter (laughs).

Jaiden likes the scars on his face?

Since the Canadian hospital was financed in the hospital, but it did not change much, the couple decided not to work anymore. At that time, I told her husband, she is healthy, she does not necessarily have to do anything else. Baby Jaiden is a very angry father. Even a mother is a mother, but her father is a mother to run for her father. (laughs). From birth to my birth and now, I never frightened myself or thought that I was afraid of my father because I believe that I would love my father.


The couple celebrated their birthday with their two-year-old son in Canada.


Thank you Thu Hien for sharing!

She lives in a Canadian bad wife after four years, watching his son cry

A lovely story of the grooms Tran Lam and Thu Hien was like a fairy tale in the ordinary 2014.

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