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In fact, 10 thousand troops of Ton Quyen were defeated before 800 Truong Lieu-World soldiers


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The Battle of Hefei between ten thousand soldiers of Dong Ngo led by the army of Ton Quyen and Cao Wei because Truong Lieu was only considered an exemplary witness to the battle "taking many enemies."

In fact ten thousand soldiers of Ton Quyen defeated before Cavalry 800 Truong Lieu-1

Ton Quyen used to carry troops to attack Cao Wei many times, but failed.

Truong Lieu is famous for being one of the most talented generals of the house of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms of Chinese history.

Along with Nhac Tien, Vu Cam, Truong Cap, Tu Hoang, Truong Lieu they were classified as "Ngu de Wei tiger generals". Chinese history books indicate that Zhang Liao is one of the generals who use the best spear of the Three Kingdoms.

In 225, in honor of the great victory over the right of Truong Lieu and Ly Dien to Ton Quyen, Wei Van De Cao Phi lowered the letter to write:

"Hefei's campaign, Zhang Liao, uses only 800 infantrymen, but he defeats ten thousand enemy troops, with his own army, no one. The enemy is still buried, two Truong, Ly generals are the claws of the court."

Battle to save history books

On August 215, Ton Quyen ruled ten thousand soldiers to besiege Hefei, where about 7,000 soldiers from Cao Wei met. At that moment, Cao Cao withdrew the troops for not being able to rescue, leaving only orders: "When the enemy troops arrived, Truong Lieu and Ly Dien went out to fight, Yue Tien stayed to stay."

When Cao Wei was confused, confused, Zhang Liao said: "If you wait for the reinforcements of Cao Gong to arrive, our troops will be destroyed. In the news, the plan is only one, which is actively attacking while the # 39, Ngo's army has not yet stabilized. If you did, I could consume Dong Ngo's morale, reassuring our troops, so we're successful. "

Zhang Liao chose 800 elite soldiers, killed a buffalo party to reward soldiers. The next morning, on the following day, Zhang Liao took the army to receive the 10,000,000 war of Dong Ngo troops.

Three Kingdoms expressed the meaning of La Quan Trung: "Zhang Liao wears a pioneering armor, extremely powerful, hurries to fight the lightning, in a few moments he killed two generals and dozens of Dong Ngo soldiers."

Zhang Liao took a shot at the chest and shouted: "Zhang Liao is here!" Unexpectedly attacked, Ton Quyen and the soldiers entered into panic, confused to send troops to the small mound for defense. Truong Lieu challenged Ton Quyen to fight the war, but Ton Quy still did not return to his soul and did not speak.

In fact, ten thousand soldiers of Ton Quyen defeated 800 Truong Lieu-2 before Cavalry

Cao Cao recovers Truong Lieu from Lu Bo's hand.

When seeing the army of Zhang Liao was too small, Sun Yu ordered a siege to fight against Zhang Liao, but the generals of Cao Wei had bravely used the spear to break the siege.

When the soldiers still did not escape, Truong Lieu again continued to attack the siege to save the soldiers.

Finally, Zhang Liao and the soldiers retreated to Hefei safely. Sun Quyen gathered all the siege troops to Hefei. During the last ten days, the troops of Cao Wei tried to defend themselves in the citadel and could not triumph.

Many days failed, Ton Quyen's army suffered a disease, depressed psychology so that Sun Quyen decided to withdraw the troops according to each group. Meanwhile, Zhang Liao stayed at the door and observed clearly, immediately planned to ambush.

When the troops of Ton Quyen retired at the landing of Tieu Dao, Truong Lieu sent a man to destroy the bridge and led the cavalry to attack. Cam Ninh and Lu Mong fought to keep up with the Sun.

The 800 cavalry real damages broke 10,000 soldiers

Later, the Chinese historians commented that the Act of the Right to the sudden ambush was based, but it was unreasonable to fight from morning until noon so that the riders of Truong Lieu still could hold.

Generals La Mong, Cam Ninh and Lang Thong of Dong Ngo were not mentioned during the battle.

Some Chinese scholars believe it is not true that Zhang Liao used 800 cavalries to attack Sun Yu. Or if so, the 800 powerful soldiers could only beat suddenly and withdraw immediately, before the Wu generals could meet.

This explanation was reinforced by Sun Yu's authorization to go back when all the army retreated and resulted in a second ambush for Zhang Liao. If indeed Lieu had caused the right to be terrified, there would be no way that Ton Quyen would run this risk.

Historically, it is said that Ton Quyen brought ten thousand soldiers to fight against the citadel of Hefei. This figure is also likely to be exaggerated because even in the Great Red Cliff of the Three Kingdoms, the Shu-Wu army regrouped to 30,000.

In practice ten thousand soldiers of Ton Quyen defeated before cavalry 800 Truong Lieu-3

Ton Quyen was locked in the dock of Tieu Dao.

Another misunderstanding is that the sudden ambush of Zhang Liao caused that Ton Quyen decided to retire. The truth is that Ton Quyen was ambushed by sending troops across the river.

The Three Kingdoms of the historian Tran Tho of the Tay Tan dynasty have a section that says: "The right to keep Hefei for more than ten days, not to defeat the city and then to retreat. He ordered the soldiers to persecute , they almost took the right.

Because of Sun Quyen's resignation of his army, people after speculating that Dong Ngo's army was no longer allowed to allow Ton Quyen to stay longer, probably due to the outbreak.

Ton Quyen also made calculations to go after retirement with the most elite generals. Unfortunately, the Three Kingdoms of La Quan Trung only adorned the piece of Ton Quyen being pursued by Truong Lieu.

The experienced leader understood that when he retired, the morale was low, the enemy's opportunity to attack. Ton Quyen understands it, so he has the position of raising morale.

But why did he plan on doing so, Ton Quyen was still "executed" by Truong Lieu for his misery? It might be that Sun Yu did not think about this possibility or that Zhang Liao had chosen the moment of the attack very accurately, when the army of Dong Ngo had almost retired from the river.

Anyway, the fact that Ton Quyen was inquisitive to the dock of Tieu Dao was real. The Wei army destroyed the bridge and forced Sun Quyen to fight and fortunately the elite generals moved safely to the river.


As a ruler of the Jiangdong region, Sun Yu did not like Liu Bei because Shu Han had maintained Jingzhou's control for a long time. But Ton Quyen still rejected the conflict to marry his sister for Luu Be. The following article will clarify this problem.

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