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Investors responded to the demand of 7 trillion dong that was put into use, and the anchor - Photo 1.

Bach Dang Bridge connecting Kuang Ninh – Hai Phong

Regarding Transportation Minister Nguyen Van, he has just asked the Kuang Ninh People's Board, Transport Department Kuang Ninh, BOT Bach Dang Bridge Corporation to examine and process substance information. construction of bridge Bach Dang, 4-11 days, exchange with the newspaper WorkerNguien Tien Oanh, deputy general manager of the BOT Bach Dang shareholder company, said that the two positions between the bridge 4 were the highest point to 7 cm.

"Although there are certain loads, hanging ridges, impacts do not affect the quality of the bridge, but the situation is not smooth when driving," said Mr Ohanh.

Prior to this, many drivers who drove on this route shared the social network members' status status on the bridge settlement Bach Dang. According to some drivers, if it drives through the middle of three pillars, it will fall through because the convex convex cone is difficult to drive. If the car drives faster than 100 km / h, the risk of a collision with a car driving a high parallel …

According to the Deputy Director General of the BOT Bach Dang Bridge, this situation often occurs when building bridges on cables, controlling the difference between the foundry is harder than the bridge.

According to the BOT Bach Dang bridge, in the construction process, the parties strictly monitor the process of quality control, in particular the console console construction. In the castings before and after the two longitudinal rhythms there is a high degree of disagreement leading to some flat uneven spheres.

"We discovered this phenomenon before the traffic, and not after commissioning. This is a phenomenon of great altitude between the combustion of sheet metal during construction, not for demolition," said Mr. Ohanh.

"Often on some other bridges on cables, this happens, but people are handling the wrong thing, and we are waiting for a moment to see how smooth it is, look at the distribution of force, follow other questions such as temperature, time, observation and then calculate the direction of compensation compensation .

The leader of the BOT Bach Dang Bridge said that the bridge is equipped with an automatic monitoring system in some places, such as a tower, a rest of the cable, a concrete carrier. Continuous and continuous lifting as the basis for controlling safety at load and smooth during the mining process. According to the plan, this week, the unit will hold a conference of experts from the State Council for Pre-Accession Test, Ministry of Transport, Traffic Transport Experts, Independent Traffic Specialists … to hear Analyze and evaluate observation and measurement results by proposing a compensation plan for the surface of the bridge , securing the exploitation time later.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Ohanh also confirmed that, after the war in the war, the long-term bridge Bach Dang will no longer be boring.

Bach Dang, the leader of the stock company, added that the design of the Bach Dang bridge runs at speeds of up to 100 km / h and still stands at 100 km / h. Test and verify this speed to ensure safety.

The Kuang Ninh Province is considering to increase the maximum speed to 120 km / h with the Ha Noi-Hai Phong motorway, Mr. Oanh said: "If there is an increase of 120 km / h Also, due to later assessment, we are not sure because the design is only 100 km / h."

Some images on the anchor, net on the bridge Bach Dang:

Investors reacted to the demand of 7 trillion dong that was put into use, the anchor - Photo 2.

The surface of the bridge Bach Dang is wavy

The investor responded to the demand of 7,000 billion dong that was put into use, the silence, the hanging network - Figure 3.
Investors responded to the demand of 7 trillion dong that was put into use, and the anchor - Photo 4.

The position of the movable bridge appeared on the columns of the letter H

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