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Live Inter Milan vs Barca reported on the European Cup tonight


Nearly two weeks ago, Inter did not manage to overcome the challenge in Barcelona's Camp Nou in the first game. Coach Luciana Spalletti Luciano Spalletti played well but left the field with 0-2 defeat. It is a sad defeat, but it does not disturb the spirit and spirit of the giants who have returned from the Italian football.

Live Inter Milan vs Barca report on European Championship tonight
Inter Milan vs Barca

In front of the dominating champions La Liga, Inter has two best performances since the start of the 2018/19 season. The year he turned to Lazio 3-0 and Genoa 5-0 in Serie A. Also, despite losing Barke in the first game, Inter has won the last 9/10 matches in each arena. The past has also proven, Inter has never awarded Barca in a pot. The closest Nerazzurri to the Catalan giants was in the semi-finals of the Champions League 2009/10, and the Italian team was led by coach Jose Mourinho who won 3-1. Earlier Inter had five different matches against Barça in Giuseppe Meazzi, and their result was only one defeat (1 win). Finally, Inter always plays very well when welcoming the Spanish national team when they are without the result of the last eight home clashes.

The Catalonia team won all four matches before traveling to Milan despite the missing super star Lionel Messi for the injury. However, it should be noted that coach Ernesto Valverde won only the "cultural dwarf" 1-0 in the King's Cup and led 1-2 to 87 minutes in the Vallecano 3-2 victory over the La Liga last weekend. . Instead of using Rafinha instead of Messi as previous matches, the Spanish manager decided to believe in Dembele, young French players still play unstable despite rich talents. This is also the most noticeable adjustment, while the remaining 10 are considered the best choice for each position at this time.


Malcolm had achieved earlier in the Barca Lake after a change in humans
Malcom scored the first goal in Barça after a substitution

Inter Milan, the Serie A representatives are very powerful and very full. Valsalko, Vecino, Nainggolan or Icardi are set to leave Spalletti or just get out of the bench for a 5-0 win against Genoa this weekend for a healthy start to the day. A game of play immediately after the whistle is opened and the first dangerous situation occurs when the hour does not pass in the first minute. Captain Icardi played the ball for the midfield player Vecino and kicked in the penalty area, but Stegen overcame.

Immediately Barka replied with long cannon guns Dembele and Handanovic in return. 12 minutes, Handanovic did not have a good ball to Rakitic beat and soon passed Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan defender has turned the ball into a Skriniar link with a left-footed left-handed cross. After 19 minutes, Ivan Perisic stood out for Asamoah (former Juventus player), but he was not on the spot.

Lively, for a dad between the two sides are held quite rarely. 30 minutes, the wind is constantly growing on the goal of Inter. Skriniar, the central defenders of Serie A, now gradually saw many big benches in order to clear the ball before August, then Luis Suarez managed to get through the goalkeeper. Before the first half, goalkeeper Handanovic saved excellent for Inter on the home court after a bunch of Luis Suarez.

After the break, the pace of the game is still high and the ball continues to turn on both sides. But everything is on a level of opportunity. In the 52nd minute Handanovic interrupted Coutinho's blow. At the age of 60, Inter net was shaken after Luis Suarez, but the goal was not recognized by Rakitic, who crossed the Suarez cross.

62 minutes, still trying to break Coutinha's foot to find the goal and although the ball crossed Vrsaljko's leg hard to increase, but still did not beat Handanovic. 65 minutes into the game, Ivan Perisic came on for 16m50 for Politano ice but the shot went wide. Barca immediately responded to Dembele's Damsels before striking a kick with his left leg and once Handanovic showed himself as the best goalkeeper of Serie A.

However, 82 minutes, Handanovic was defeated by Malcom, who replaced the Dembel midfielder. Before that, Coutinho robbed the ball in front of the house, and then led the circle before moving to Malcom. Brazilian Brazilian baptism from 1997 arrived in Camp Nou last summer after a noisy transfer from Bordeaux at the last moment when Malcolm broke with Roma because he could not resist the call from the Catalans. However, since the beginning of the season, Malcolm has rarely played and this is the first table in the shirt of Barca.

Inter rose very quickly. In the 87th minute, Vecino broke his left foot and hit the ball with the defense Barci left in Icardi. The Argentine striker was strong, despite being interrupted by Sergio Roberto and determined to defeat Stegen. The remaining time is not enough to beat Barca. 1-1 is the end result of the match.

Inter Milan 1-1 Barca
Match statistics Inter Milan 1-1 Barca

After four rounds, Barca is still unbeatable and has 10 points, but teacher coach Valverde officially did not win eight rounds, as in the same match Tottenham won PSV Eindhoven, but perhaps the cards They are in their pockets. On the next match, they were away for PSV Eindhoven and eliminated. Just do not lose, Barca will officially pass the group stage regardless of the results of other matches.

In the meantime, with seven points in the hands, Inter still have to try more than three Tottenham points. In the next match, these two teams will meet at the Vemblei Stadium in a decisive match for a ticket that will continue. Going, Inter beat 2-1 at home. According to the rules of the Champions League, if two teams are equal, the direct confrontation will be considered the first. So, Inter not only loses Spurs at Vemblea, will arrive in 1/8, and the team in London must win at all costs.

INTER (4-2-3-1):
Samir Handanovic; Sime Vrsaljko, Milan Skriniar, Stefan de Vrij, Kaufvo Asamoah; Matias Vecino, Marcelo Brozovic (Lautaro Martinez 85 & # 39;); Matteo Politano (Candreva 81 & # 39;), Radja Nainggolan (Borja Valero 63 & # 39;), Ivan Perisic; Mauro Icardi.
BARCELONA (4-3-3): Marc-Andre and Stegen; Sergi Roberto, Gerard Pikue, Clement Lenglet, Jordi Alba; Ivan Rakitic, Sergio Buskuets, Artur (Vidal 73 & # 39;); Ousmane Dembele (Malcom 81 & # 39;), Luis Suarez, Philippe Coutinho.

We arrive at State B after 4 days
Ranked in group B after four rounds

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