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Love tragedy for 7 years


The couple set afire at the house of Yen Bai: the tragedy of love for 7 years - Photo 1.

The victims burned in the scene.

On May 16, the exchange with PV, representative of the Hong Ca commune police (Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province) said that after several days of treatment at the National Burn Hospital, Mr. The municipality of Nghia Tam, district of Van Chan, who was found burned in the house with Mrs. Ha Thi Thuy (34 years old) in the town of Co died.

"The treatment process, because Mr. Son burns 97% of his body that is no longer able to heal, hospital doctors return to the family to take care of the incident," he said the representative of the common Hong Ca Police.

So, until now, the couple who had an adventure with each other had no one who had survived.

According to the police of the commune of Hong Ca in the town, Thuy works as a grocery store merchant and Mr. Vu Van D. (The husband of Mrs. Thuy) specializes in managing a fish market to serve people in the area. The economic situation of the family is accommodated. They have two children and their eldest son at the end of their high school.

Between Mrs. Thuy and Mr. Sound, there was a business relationship between them. Since then, both have developed illicit feelings and relationships for seven years.

The couple caught fire at the house of Yen Bai: the tragedy of love for 7 years - Photo 2.

Two victims burned in the scene.

Mrs. Thuy is an ethnic minority of Tay, a gentle, rustic, naive, and has a 34-year-old woman who is very beautiful and salty and communicates skillfully.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Son was married and had a son. Recently, his son made a ceremony to ask to marry him.

In the town, Mr. Son is an entrepreneur; In addition, it also buys trucks and excavators to tender the construction and rental of land.

Recently, the business is not convenient, the debt is high, so you must sell the excavator to pay off the debt.

Son is a kind person who has not had criminal records.

According to the police of the commune of Hong Ca, Mr. D. himself knows the relationship between Thuy and Son? Prior to the heart attack, he shared with his wife frankly that all the children were older, he advised his wife to stop this illicit relationship, not to affect psychology.

Mrs. Thuy called to speak with Son to ask her to end his love, but Mr. Son was not in agreement. Then it happened, both caught fire at Mrs. Thuy's house.

On the afternoon of May 16, the representative of the district police in Tran Yen said that although two people died, the unit continued to verify, investigate and clarify the case.

Is there no final conclusion about where the fire comes from, who shot the fire?

Earlier, at dawn of 8/5, the inhabitants of the town of Co (district of Hong Ca, district of Van Tran, Yen Bai) discovered to Mrs. Ha Thi Thuy (34 years old) with Mr. Nguyen Duy Son (42 years old, resident in the Nghia Tam commune, Van Chan District) was burned by a fire in the house and rushed to rescue.

Shortly afterwards, two victims were transferred to the emergency room at the General Hospital of the Yen Bai province. In the afternoon of the same day, due to severe burns, both were transferred to the National Burn Institute of Hanoi.

After more than a half-day of emergency, Ms. Thuy died on May 9, so far the family ended the rearguard.

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