Wednesday , December 8 2021

Malaysia is in Laos, Vietnam "celebrates"


After losing the match, the Lao team has to score points in this match to keep the hope of going forward. From that moment, Laos is different from Vietnam's defeat.

In the previous match, a team from the country with millions of elephants is actively returning to the yard, the death penalty immediately after the whistle. On this match, Laos played more active and more self-confident. Visitors no longer let their opponents in the middle of the backyard, which actively exerts pressure from the early.

On the Malaysian side, they must win, even win the match to make up for the difference with the Vietnamese phone.

Update (from the first half): Malaysia was Laos peace, Vietnam celebrated - Figure 1.

Phithack Kongmathilath opened scores for Laos.

In a counterattack on the right wing, "Messi Lao" Vongchiengkham fell to the Laos judges to get a free kick. The right wing wing's right wing, but Phitack Kongmathilath left the wrong left left foot, and not the Malaysian goalkeeper used the opportunity to break through.

After an early defeat, the Malaysian team must of course put the team in the attack to find a goal, and Laos has the basis to make the team as a match with Vietnam. Unfortunately, Lao guests can not hold the advantage for long. On January 15, Siahmi Safari struck in the heels of his conquerors, fled to the right wing and hit the line through Zakuan Adha entered the equalizer 1-1.

Update (from the first half): Malaysia was Laos peace, Vietnam celebrated - Picture 2.

Zakuan Adha is equal to Malaysia.

When faced with a dead man in the middle of the field, Malaysian national teams often attack quite well: push the ball to the right wing for the middle of the field, cross the defense horizontally or cross. That's what Coach Park Hang-Seo definitely records with students.

In the remaining minutes of the first half, Malaysia faced a gap at the deployment stage. Coach Sundramoorthi Laos instructed students to put wings on, blocking the article in Malaysia. One on one with 1-1 draw.

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