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Malaysia's golfer recognizes home team better than Vietnam


Share after the match, goalkeeper Malaysia Khairul Fahmi still insists that the team deserved to win since he played better than hosts Vietnam.

Malaysia's golfer recognizes home team better than Vietnam

In the final match in Group A was held on November 16, 2011. Vietnam Tel was excellent defeated opponents of Malaysia, although they encountered many difficulties against their opponents.

After this match, Malaysian goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi expressed regret when he could not score points in front of Vietnam.

The goalkeeper from Malaysia admits that the home team plays better than Vietnam
Malaysian goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi admits that home team played better than hosts in Vietnam

Share on the starting page of the AFF Cup, the goalkeeper of Tel Malaysia said: "It's football, we are better than Vietnam Tel. In my opinion, the team played better than the first two matches. However, in two mistakes, we have to punish Vietnam and that is difference in the game.

This match indicates that we need to improve the focus for 90 minutes. We lost because of the distraction, but we still have a chance in the last game and that is the goal that the team should move forward. "

After losing to Malaysia, Malaysia will only have the chance to leave if Myanmar's defeat in the final match of the AFF Cup 2018 will be held on July 24th.

Commenting on this rival, the veteran goalkeeper of Malaysia, he said: "It's a tough challenge, but not impossible because we play at home and we have about a week to recover and find. Ready to accommodate the opponents."


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