Sunday , September 26 2021

Medical staff 3 times more effort, 24 hour service

He must fight the epidemic with the most drastic spirit

One of the districts of Ho Chi Minh City with a large number of Covid-19 cases is Binh Tan District. As of the end of July 23, this district has recorded a total of more than 5,500 Covid-19 infections, more than 8,000 F1.

For many days, the working group of the Ministry of Health has joined forces with the district authorities to find increasingly effective solutions for the prevention and control of diseases in all aspects such as: safe vaccination; strict isolation; tighten regulations on the prevention and control of epidemics in hostels …

Present at the Binh Tan hotspots on 24/7, the representative of the Working Group of the Ministry of Health stated: He must fight the epidemic with the most drastic spirit. In addition to medical staff from all over to support, there are also volunteers, doctors and staff from private hospitals who are also involved in the fight against the epidemic. Even the Working Group also asked the benefactors to provide masks to equip the sampling force.

The working group also guided the District Board of Concentrated Isolation Areas and staff directly to the concentrated isolation areas to build an object management database and make test plans for the subjects. the People’s Committee of the City, supporting the District Steering Committee to develop a coordination mechanism between the concentrated isolation facilities in the area.

A district of Ho Chi Minh City recorded a total of 5,500 cases of Covid-19: the medical staff made 3 times more effort, on duty 24/24 - Photo 1.

Binh Tan district implements safe vaccination

In addition, the Working Group also instructed classroom medical stations on home isolation of infected cases with qualified test results, and assisted the District Steering Committee in formulating estimates of equipment and supplies. tests.

To perfectly control the high-risk points, the “red dots,” Binh Tan has built a Covid-19 map in residential areas. Vaccination work has been carried out in a safe and orderly manner, but progress is very slow due to the large number of cases requiring hospital injections. The county has mobilized more private medical centers to join forces to accelerate progress.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Ngoc, who heads the vaccination group, said private hospitals must also lend a hand in this fight. Over the past two days, the team has injected more than 200 people. All vaccination procedures are carried out strictly according to the instructions. At other Binh Tan vaccination sites, the progress of vaccination is also accelerating.

The medical team and volunteers made the effort three times

According to the current situation, the Working Group of the Ministry of Health said: “In the near future, Binh Tan district will deploy many isolation facilities concentrated in the area for infected cases and should organize the management and health control for this target group.In the meantime, the anti-epidemic force, especially the sampling equipment, has been reduced because a large number of medical personnel must be isolated, so it must be replaced immediately. .

Along with this, the working group proposed a plan to relax migrant workers in areas with many motels to ensure distance and prevent the spread of the disease in these areas.

According to the district leaders of Binh Tan district, the number of motels and workers is too large, coming from almost all the different provinces and cities.

Dr Lu Trong Nghia (Binh Tan Medical Center) said the medical team should do its utmost, calling on the Red Cross Society, members of the voluntary union and the militia to come and support.

“Really, both the medical team and the volunteers make the effort three times, there are people on duty 24 hours a day who only dare to sleep at the moment. It is only necessary that isolated people understand and agree to fight the epidemic. in recent days, the awareness of some people is still not high, which causes disorder and lack of spirit. Said Dr. Lu Trong Nghia.

According to the Ministry of Health Working Group, Binh Tan must continue to closely monitor the management, care and testing of those suspected of being infected; inspect and closely monitor vaccination work; continue to inspect the application of epidemic prevention and control standards for both production and isolation facilities and blocking areas.

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