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Named Mr. Ngo Van Tuan and Tat Thanh Cang for all talented people?


Many readers were asked, because of the talented people of Thanh Hoa and Ho Chi Minh City, although Mr. Ngo Van Tuan and Tat Thanh Cang were disciplined, they were still assigned to other places.

"You can not believe; Hands-on …" are the expressions that express the annoyance of hundreds of readers when they respond to the two articles "The former Vice President Thanh Hoa" does not support the light "Quynh Anh will go to Department of Construction and "Mr. Tat Thanh Cang is the deputy director of the historic Ho Chi Minh City project.

With the case of former vice president Thanh Hoa Ngo Van Tuan, reader Minh The commented: People like me can not know if the "support is not clear" or "pure." But with this type of appointment with staff at 24 hours, in Thanh Hoa, when will the new staff be more agile, efficient and clear?

Named Mr. Ngo Van Tuan and Mr. Tat Thanh Cang: Everyone with talent?
Mr. Ngo Van Tuan

"I have no other people, nobody is more virtuous? Maybe Thanh Hoa is out of talent and virtue. Thanh Hoa lacks such a serious picture " – The reader has a nickname that is unknown, Huong and Trinh Linh put together the problem.

Le Chuc said he was happy "still in the right process." And Nguyen Trong The, said: "Only Thanh Hoa can do it."

Vu Thanh thinks deeper: "I do not know if anyone will support Mr. Tuan so bright."

Minh Tam's friends are scared that if they do, it is difficult to prevent corruption and waste.

Regarding Mr Tat Thanh Cang, according to Do Quang, China has concluded Mr Cang's violations, why Ho Chi Minh City continues to give new responsibilities, HCM City has no talent?

Cuong asked the question: Which base would you do better in this position?

Mr. Toan Vu Thien said that if Mr. Cang understood history, he would not make any mistake. Now, with the new position, they still give him direction, and what direction?

Reader Tuoi wished Mr. Cang a new position to do it right and remember to put corruption in history.

Those who lose their value should be eliminated

Mai Anh said: If you are Mr. Ngo Van Tuan, you will be asked to leave the job due to the different things related to yourselves.

"If you are very talented, the lack of external companies invites you. Everyone may have something wrong and everyone has the right to do it again," said Mai Anh.

Named Mr. Ngo Van Tuan and Mr. Tat Thanh Cang: Everyone with talent?
Tat Thanh Cang

At the same point, Mr. Bieu Nguyen emphasized that if he is a person with self-esteem, qualifications and ability, Mr. Tuan does not need to be.

Giving or re-naming a disciplined or fired person is incredible, according to Huong, create conditions for young and talented. For those who lose their own values, they should be eliminated.

"With quotes like this and always taking the phrase" correct process "to justify weaknesses and bureaucracy, how to make people feel good.

We hope that the leaders of the center comment on the re-election of Mr. Tuan, so that people feel comfortable, "Huong said.

Lan also said that in order to gain the confidence of the people, the work of the painters should do thoroughly, at the base, not make it available.

Tran Quang readers also suggested that Ho Chi Minh City seriously take the possibility of organizing staff, not going against the decision of this discipline.

"It is annoying. It is necessary to correct the law of civil servants, to make mistakes and to leave it instead of being officials without giving permission," said Nguyen Van Duc.

Displaced Persons "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Scattering of personnel

In the judicial history of our country, probably this is the first time people hear the phrase "personal dispers".

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